Why is it important to pray?

• To build a strong relationship between you and God.
• To find comfort and peace.
• To feel His loving kindness, tenderness and acceptance of whom you are.
• To know that His love surrounds you and that He protects you.
• To receive all His promises
• To hear His voice and feel His presence
• To fill you up with joy and laughter
• To live according to His plan
• To give Him praise and honor
• To sing praises to Him
• To be humble before the Lord
• To confess our sins and ask for forgiveness
• To help others who are in need
• To guide us through life
• To obey God’s Word
• To be committed
• To give thanks for eternal life and His Living Word
• To understand the Word of God
• To be thankful for everything
• To draw those who do not know the Living God
• To support those who goes through a difficult time
• To care for all
• To live life the fullest
• To fill our cups to overflow
• To give thanks everyday of our lives

So, start praying.

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