My husband and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary this year and according to ‘somebody’ it is the PEARL anniversary.  One day sitting at work, the thought crossed my mind to start writing something related to pearls.  As I sat thinking I could not believe there are so many things in my life that has happened that involves pearls and when thinking of the Bible, there are many references to pearls as well.

 This is then the first story of my life involving pearls.  I hope you will be encouraged by what is written.

 The very first pearls I had in my life was a necklace that was bought for R40.00 and no, they were not real but I cherished it as if it was real.  Obviously they were only worn with special outfits and on special occasions.  I remember when my husband, Eric, had some graduation ceremony the pearl necklace was worn with pride and even maybe to give the impression that I was a rich lady.  That is the thing, we wear expensive looking jewellery and think it makes us look rich forever wanting to be somebody that we are not.

 Anyway, my youngest daughter was a baby and one day while holding her she grabbed the necklace and all the beads went flying on the floor.  We managed to pick them all up but I was very sad about my R40.00, rich-looking pearl necklace that has been broken now.  I took it to the jewellery store and they said no problem they can restring it for me and they will even put the little knots in between the beads so that it will still look like a real pearl necklace.

 The pearl necklace was part of my life for many years until it broke again, but somehow I no longer had the same sentiment about it and did not have it restrung again.  A few years ago all that I had left over was a small part of it which I used for fake decoration until it also disappeared.

 Why is it that we want to be somebody else?  When we have blond hair, we dye it red or black; when we have a certain car, we would rather have another, etc.  We have made choices in our lives but if we look at the proverbial Jones’s we would rather have what they have.  Why can’t we believe people when they say the grass is not greener on the other side?  Well, as our daughter said when we were having the usual pep-talk, “I want to make my own mistakes and learn from them” and boy, did she learn.

 Anyway, if for one moment I can bring your attention back to the Bible and in particular the Samaritan woman at the well.  Here she was on an ordinary day pretending to be all okay but she was not at all prepared for who she was going to run into.  Calmly sitting at the well seeming to be minding His own business sat a Man that she might have seen but did not really pay any attention to, because she does not know Him, and neither does He know her.  Wrong, how wrong can one be?  She had had 5 husbands already, with each one maybe thinking the grass was greener on the other side; maybe now she will be seen as “mrs Jones” or maybe all of them were just a smoke screen to hide who she really was?

 But then the Man spoke to her, just asking for some water – no sweat!  I believe that everything changed when she handed Him that water and looked into His eyes – oh those eyes that are so full of love and His glory that fills every inch of the space between Him and her – have you experienced it yet?  You cannot remove your eyes from that moment it captivates you just like He captivates your heart.

 We know the rest of the story but what I want to leave with you today is to not strive for anything that is not you, which you do not feel comfortable in or with.  Be yourself but even better, be who Jesus wants you to be.  Be so close to Him that you feel His breath in your face.  Untie and untangle yourself with the things of this world so that you can be captivated by His presence.  Look into His eyes and experience the fullness of His love and His glory that fills every inch of the space between Him and You.

 Until next time….



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