Many years ago I worked with a lady who had quite a jewelry collection – any kind of pearl you can think of, she had a ring or a necklace of.  There were black mabé’s, freshwater pearls, beautiful long string real pearls, rings etc.  Every time she wore any pearls I was amazed at how absolutely beautiful they were.  I longed to have such a collection of my own, but the old wives tale kept sounding in the back of my mind…pearls bring tears (sigh).  So as much as possible I tried to keep away from pearls and in those days the denomination we were worshipping with did not ‘allow’ the women to wear any jewelry other than a watch and your wedding rings.

 For many years it was a secret unspoken dream of mine to own a real string of pearls and a beautiful pearl ring, oh surrounded by teeny tiny little diamonds.  Well, the Lord had another purpose with us and we left the denomination we were worshipping with and when my husband was lead by the Lord to have his own congregation, things lightened up and we learnt freedom in Christ by not being imprisoned by man-made laws.  I started a dance worship group in the congregation with whom we had fun times, awesome times and great times of fellowship with other dance groups.  One evening after a festive get together during the Feast of Tabernacles the leader of one of the dance groups came to me and said this is for you, oh and by the way it is real.  I could not believe my eyes when I opened my hand there was a beautiful pink (my favorite colour) real pearl necklace lying in my hand.  So absolutely unexpected!!  And yes when I got home I rubbed it between my teeth because it is a known fact that real pearls are like sand when rubbed between your teeth.  I guess this is the human factor – I trust but I check.

 Just like a lot of things in my life God had known about my unspoken dream and had sent a beautiful person to present it to me.  Saartjie could not in a million years have known that I had secretly wanted this gift for so long!  And do you know what is so funny?  I had been getting quite a good salary and could have bought myself many real pearl necklaces and rings, but it was just not meant to be.

 Today I cherish that real pearl necklace given to me as I believe, by my heavenly Bridegroom.  You know the Bible says He knows our every thought and hears every whisper and sigh.

Once there was Someone who also gave a most precious gift to the entire world.  For some that gift brings tears, referring to the old wives tale, because it causes division between loved ones.  For others it brings joy and they cherish it with all of their heart and for many others it comes so unexpected they cannot believe what has happened to them.

 I haven’t seen any one of the ladies mentioned above in a long time, but I have an earthly gift which I cherish and a gift that is so precious to cherish it is not enough – God’s gift of new life!  I must give it to others that have maybe had a secret unspoken dream of receiving it but not knowing how, or to those who do not expect it but will hold on to it as if never to let go.

 If you have received this most precious gift, do not lose it, do not neglect it but use it and make the Giver of that gift happy that He has invested His life, grace, time, love and glory in your life.

 Until next time….



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