I have been a “Wild Child” most of my life until I met Jesus, my Saviour.  I have had to deal with a lot of issues in my life.  2 Bad marriages made me realize that everybody else cannot always be wrong, and I did some deep soul searching.  I could not understand that I could love the Lord with all my heart, but still make such bad choices!  I have had to endure a hard rocky road, but “Praise the Lord” He has been faithful.  Today, more than ever before I have reason to Praise HIM.

 I have read several testimonies of Missionaries and Evangelists who have testified that they are still tempted in areas which have been a major struggle for them throughout their whole lives. I can add my name to that list, although I am not an Evangelist or Missionary.  Recently I have been tried and tested, twice, in an area that had been a great weakness in my life. 

 I had come before the same temptation twice and the second time; I decided I was going to play my “Wild card” and just “Do it”.  When anticipating the request that was laid before me, my flesh said YES!  My Spirit said NO!!  I had such mixed feelings, there was such a war raging inside of me.  What seemed like a simple “NO” decision, had me all confused and knotted up in a “YES”.  I guess these are crossroads that will be in our lives until the day we die.

 Well, whilst saying “YES” but simultaneously praying, “Lord, I do not want to disappoint YOU!  If this is a bad decision, please stop me from doing this”

 I’m sure some of you are nodding your heads, as you have been in the same situation before.  Anyway, after I said the prayer and woke up the next morning, I felt a calmness and peacefulness come over me.  “Whatever will be, will be, its all in HIS hands”

 I am not any better or more special than the next person, but, the day my event was about to happen, the decision was taken out of my hands, and then I knew…………HE really does LOVE and CARE for me.  HE is interested in my life.  He cares about each and every decision I make, IF I ask, He will answer. He is so protective over me, HIS own, carefully guiding me out of the danger zone.  Like a hen, just shuffling me back under His wing into HIS protection. 

  He met me at my crossroad – the crossroad of HIS decision and my acceptance thereof.

 Today, when I think about the “silly” decision that had me up in a knot, I cannot believe that I even considered such a request.  I was not even disappointed or angry that my plans had not realized.  Today I realize that His word has come true in my life where He says “When you are weak, I am strong!”

 Today, I Celebrate HIM for being the eternal presence in my life, helping me, supporting me and guiding me into the path HE wants and protecting me from myself!  Today I celebrate HIM being my KING, my FRIEND, my lover and my STRENGHT, My Yeshua!

  I can do everything through Him who gives me strength. Philipians 4:11-13 NIV

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