The question on hand is:

Are you perhaps a false prophet to:  

  • Your own life?
  • Or to the lives of other people?

The past Sunday in Church, this thought crossed my mind during the sermon and I came to the conclusion that it is so easy to fall in one or even both categories.   Over the years I have heard the voice (audible) of God – and each time it was an admonishment or a stern warning.   But it is when God speaks to us in His still voice, through His Spirit to our spirit (inner man), when we get confused.   Was God speaking to me, or is it my own selfish thoughts taking over?   And I don’t want to spend time here on a lecture of “How to hear the voice of God”. 

The learned people of this world will tell you they also call it “self talk”.  When you get older, you will catch yourself speaking to yourself – but when you start to ask yourself a question and even answer it yourself, THAT is the time when it gets scary!  I usually shrug it off by saying that I want to have an intelligent conversation with myself.  🙂

Coming back to the question on hand, it has become so easy and so second nature in the lives of the children of God to say: “the Lord has shown me this or that;” or “the Lord has said this to me this morning”.  It then seems that they all do have the same relationship with our Lord than what Moses had during the exodus period in the wilderness.   This part in the Bible has always been my favorite study, especially where the Word declares that Moses could go into his tent and then God would meet with him and speak to him as a friend would speak to another friend.   This is the position where we all should be, but believe me there will be a price to pay.  More about this relationship to follow in a next message. 

The thing is, it has become second nature or even the “in” thing for the children of God to say they hear the voice of God nearly on a daily basis.   They would openly proclaim that the Lord has said:

  • They should leave their job and go full time in ministry – which then ends up in disaster?
  • This is the woman/man I have chosen for you – then they divorce after a few months/ years?
  • This is the job and workplace I have provided to you – but then resign after a few months?
  • This is the car I have provided to you – but you still have to pay for it on contract?
  • I should leave the congregation and start something on my own – but you have not (yet) been called to minister on this level?
  • Or like the “prophet” from South Africa a few years ago, who would go to the mountain and then return with a “word from God” that he should leave his wife and marry another lady (who is also still married) in the church.  Funny enough, the congregation accepted his word as the Word from God until the husband of one of the “new wive’s to be” complained about this scenario. 

How easy has it become for people to do “church crawling” and then give each church a “prophetic” word of:

  • How God will bless the people of this congregation;
  • How God will multiply the finances and the congregation;
  • How God will make the local pastor the head and not the tail; 
  • How God will open up the gates of heaven and bring revival to this place; etc, etc
    • And they continue to do this in a church until someone who is filled with the Spirit of God discern that these “prophetic words” are not from God and will then flee to the next one. 

However, the confusing part of it all is that this “god” who is speaking to “his” children tends to change his mind quite a lot.  Because “he” would give guidance on one aspect and completely change his mind for your life over the next few months and then guide you in another direction?    It doesn’t seem to be the same Lord Jesus Christ that I serve, because my God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.   He is the God who knows the end from the beginning.  He does not have to chop and change His plan for me or you every now and then – even when we make mistakes and the wrong choices, His plan (a blue print) for me and you stay the same.  And He never quits on His love for me or you!

Take Israel for example:  God had it all in His mind to deliver them from Egypt and take them into the Promised Land.  Even when they rebelled against God and had to travel in the wilderness for 40 years, eventually God delivered them and took them into the Promised Land. 

But on a personal note, I think the worst of them all is when these “personal prophets” would tell you:

  • “No, I don’t think this is the work of the Lord anymore” – when the promise of the Lord prevails a little bit longer than expected and thereby they also now destroy the faith of the other party in the said matter;  OR;
  • When they would openly proclaim that they knew all along that this situation/promise is not from the Lord, when all faith is lost and the negative answer has been received.  

It is like shouting and screaming for your favorite rugby team to win the game, and when the final whistle blows and they have lost, then to declare you have known it all along that they would not win the game.  Or when something is going wrong, then only to declare: “Yes, the Lord has shown me weeks ago His favor is not upon this situation”.  This to me is not prophetic knowledge, but just plain common understanding and a negative opinion of a specific situation. 

I would like to make a bold statement in this regard today:

The Lord is NOT speaking to His Church because the Bride is too full of herself and too busy to proclaim the voice of God – while He is not saying anything.   It means; we have too many people in the Church today who want to “play God” over their own lives and the lives of other people.  Instead of this, the Church is supposed to proclaim the Word of God to the lost – and believe me, there are still a lot of them.  Just ask your local dustbin removal team if they know Jesus Christ?  You will be amazed about the answers you will receive and they are right out there – on your very own doorstep!  

I can continue with more examples, but let’s look at the facts first.  All of the above “prophecies” are true and possible, because the God we serve is the God of the impossible.  He makes the impossible – possible through His almighty power.  He only has to speak the Word and it will happen. God spoke the creation into existence and therefore He can create/provide anything that you may need.  

Please Church:  If you do not hear or have a Word from God, please refrain from opening up your mouth other than to give praise and worship to Jesus Christ our Lord. We have to make sure / to distinguish between our own emotions and goodwill that we intend to sow upon someone’s life or ministry, BEFORE we speak forth in that regard.  If you want to (and you can and should) bless someone,  please say that you are blessing that person from a personal point of view and in the power of the Spirit of God and that it is not said to be a Word from God.   We need to distinguish between a prophetic Word (Word of knowledge and a Word of Wisdom) from God and a blessing (or even a promise) from the Word of God that we would like to sow in faith in someone’s life or ministry.  

A true prophetic Word from God will be activated through the power of God and will come into existence – because He has already spoken it.  But a “prophetic Word” from you and me without the consent from God is null and void.   When we stay true to God’s Word and His Spirit, and speak a Word of Blessing (flowing from your heart in the love of Jesus Christ and not from some kind of teaching), God will then take your blessing and give it His power and turn it into a miracle.  We should all be miracle working children of God and praise His Name for evermore!

I would like to take this opportunity to bless each one who reads this short message:

Father, I come to you in the Name of Jesus Christ and through faith I ask in your all powerful Name, that you will bless my family, friends and brother and sisters in the Lord and even enemies who read this and even those who are not aware of this blessing, in a mighty way.  

  • Let your perfect will be done in their lives as in mine;
  • Let each one truly see the beauty of your personal plan and purpose and to experience your amazing love through it all;
  • Break off all deception, false teachings and unholy practices which are not from you in their lives as I also allow you to do it in mine;
  • Protect them at night when they sleep and protect them at day when they have to make difficult and even simple choices in life as you also do it for me;
  • Thank you Lord for being Jehovah Jireh in all their needs, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into their lap, as in mine.
  • Love them despite of all their shortcomings and allow them to still love me despite mine;
  • Help me with wisdom and understanding to support them when they need it the most;
  • Bless them all now my Lord in such a way to be a blessing to other people as you also do bless me.  

Thank you Lord Jesus that I know you have the power to deliver us and to bless us as your children far above what we ask, pray and even think.   To you be all the power, glory and honor and may we praise and worship your Name for evermore.  Amen!

Now this is the challenge to everyone who reads it.  

Compile another blessing (and please, from your heart – not from email/facebook) or a group of blessings towards your family and friends (and include your enemies) and post it on this website as a comment or Facebook and add me as a friend.

God bless.


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