by Tracey Miles

Galilee International Ministries (SA) had the privilege of receiving sponsorship to attend the 5th Annual Christian Business Exhibition.  Our main aim was to network with fellow exhibitors and to showcase the diversity that our ministry has to offer to fellow ministries, organizations and believers.

It was very rewarding to network with our neighbors and find that we could possibly assist each other with work needed to be conducted in the Limpopo region.  Another fellow exhibitor had great ideas on how to gain maximum exposure using the internet and cell phone databases.

In reflection of the weekend it was satisfying to realize that the exhibitors had a passion for the Living God and visitors to the exhibition were curious as to what was on offer and many received advice, council and encouragement.


In GAL 5:13 we are told to “serve one another with love” and this was our privilege and was evident during the weekend.

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