A testimony on God’s protection – by Tracey Miles

As parents we all dread a telephone call in the early hours of the morning where an unknown voice tells you there has been an accident and that they will keep you informed on what the doctor has to say.

This took place the morning before we left for Scotland to celebrate my turning 50.  My daughter had been out with friends for dinner and when we retired for the night was not yet home.  As we do every night we spoke the Blood of the Lord and His Name over each member of our family, our possessions etc and calmly went to sleep.

The call came through a little before 01h45 to say my daughter had been in an accident, she was alright, was in hospital and the doctor was busy with her.  The voice introduced herself and said she would call back if we needed to come through.  Fifteen minutes later we were called to come through.

On arrival the matron on duty told us that my daughter was fine and that the doctor had seen to her.  To make a long story short, her medical aid was not accepted at the hospital where she was and she needed to be moved, this was after the doctor had told us that she would need surgery on her left arm.  According to him the wrist and elbow were crushed and an orthopedic surgeon would need to operate.


The pictures show how great our God is and even if we say prayers out of habit or in rhyme He is faithful and just to answer them.  My daughter should not be alive if the car is anything to go by.  An operation was done on two fingers on her left hand of which she has regained full use.  She will tell you that when the car rolled she felt enveloped, cushioned and protected.  I think her outcome speaks for itself.  What an awesome God we serve!

Don’t ever give up on your children, no matter how well they serve the world, God is faithful and answers our prayers.

All praise, honour and glory to our God who is worthy of our continuous worship and thanks.

The car broke in two when it was lifted

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