From which point do you hear the voice of God? 

 The teachings about the Tabernacle of Moses has always been a favorite topic to study and to teach from as it provides so much valuable information to the shadow types of Jesus Christ and how it eventually came to existence in the New Testament and in the life of Jesus Christ.

The Tabernacle of Moses speaks first of all about the Law. Everything concerning the construction of the Tabernacle had to be done completely according to the directives that Moses received from God.  It also deals with the specific procedures and duties of the priests and they could not waive one bit from it.  But the Tabernacle also speaks of Grace and redemption and forgiveness, but most of all about the righteousness of Jesus Christ.  It clearly describes the atoning and redemptive work of Jesus Christ.  But this is a teaching on its own.

In the Tabernacle of Moses it deals with the specific works of the High Priests and ordinary priests, but in the New Testament everything deals with the work of Jesus Christ and not about what you can do or should do.  In other words, Jesus cried out on the cross that it is finished.  His redemptive work is completed and it is perfect because He was the perfect High Priest as well as the perfect lamb whose blood was shed on our behalf.  Me and you cannot add one thing to make it better or more perfect.  In other words, when we try to add other laws to our daily devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ, it then means we feel that His redeeming work on the cross is not good enough.  And believe me, the Church of today do not understand the Grace of God (which by the way is a gift) and through the years added their own set of “holiness laws”.  While Jesus Christ has set His people free from the bondage of the Law, the Church brought other laws and these days even the 10 Commandments back into their lives by trying to adhere or fulfill the Sabbath – which was never intended for the other nations of the world, but only for Israel.

God met with Moses on the mountain and when Moses asked to see Him, he was only allowed to see the rear end of God’s holiness and glory.  Scripture teaches us that Moses had a very special relationship from the day that he was born and until God appeared unto him in the burning bush. Please note that the Word speaks of a burning bush, and never about a “burning bramble bush”.

God would meet with Moses in his tent and speak to him as a friend would speak to a friend.  Today, churches teach people how to listen to the voice of God and it has become the habit of people to say “the Lord said this and that to me today”, while I sometimes seriously doubt if it was the voice of God speaking at all.  They claim to hear the voice of God , but then their actions and attitudes do not transform at all.   Many so called prophets claim to speak the Words of God but they are merely repeating the written Word. There is seldom a fresh breath of God’s voice.   Even when I listen to different preachers bringing the Word of God and who will claim that this is a fresh message from God, then I start to wonder how many “gods” do we then have, because each one will differ in approach as well as in doctrine for salvation.  Who are we listening to and from which point are the voices coming? What the Church needs is to be infused (drenched) once again from the same source of the Holy Spirit:

  • 1Co 12:13  For by one Spirit all of us-Jews and Greeks, slaves and free-were baptized into one body and were all privileged to drink from one Spirit.

The Tabernacle is divided in three sections as follows and it is typical of the Church of today:

  • Forecourt:
    • Entrance on the east side with 4 entrances – depicting the 4 Gospels of Jesus Christ and you can only enter through Jesus who is the door;
    • The burning alter – type of our spiritual death in ourselves & the death of Christ on our behalf;
    • The wash basin – type of our baptism, washing of our bodies from sin and burial in Christ;
    • The people who stay in the forecourt will always be high maintenance people for whom the pastor continually have to pray for;
    • They will continually repent and seldom come to victory in faith;
    • Such people will only have a relationship with the local pastor and also depend on his faith;
  •  Holy Place:
    • Here we have 5 entrances which indicates the Grace of God (number 5 means Grace – also see Arithmetic Of God concerning the meaning of numbers in the Word)
    • This area is where born again believers are practicing their faith in Christ;
    • Typical of our daily life in Christ and where we are eating the Bread of Life (Word); walking in His light and our prayers and worship is like a fresh fragrance from the altar of incense;
    • A strong relationship is built with Jesus Christ and growing in faith;
    • Leaders should be in this area.
  •  Holy of Holies
    • This is where a special and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ exists;
    • This is where new revelation and guidance from God is received
    • It is the place of special annointing and purpose;
    • It is a special place to be, but it also tend to be lonely.

But the scripture that really caught my attention, is the following verse in the Old Testament:

  •  And when Moses went into the tent of meeting to speak with the LORD, he heard the voice speaking to him from above the mercy seat that was on the ark of the testimony, from between the two cherubim; and it spoke to him.  Num 7:89  (ESV)

Although Moses was not a High Priest he entered into the Holy of Holies and he heard a voice speaking to him from above the mercy seat between the two cherubim’s.  That is the place where the presence of God hovered like a blue flame above the mercy seat. There was no other light in the Holy of Holies because God provided the True light.

God spoke to Moses in an audible voice and there was no mistake of who was speaking to him.  But the point I would like to make it that God spoke to him from the point of mercy and grace.  It is the place where the blood was sprinkled on top of the mercy seat to cover the Law.  You see, when you accept the sacrificial offer of Christ and that His blood was also shed for your sins, then God also speaks to you from a point of grace and mercy.  Although the law require our death due to our sins, God covered it all by the blood of Jesus Christ once and for all – never to be repeated again.

  •  for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus,  whom God put forward as a propitiation by his blood, to be received by faith. This was to show God’s righteousness, because in his divine forbearance he had passed over former sins.  (Rom 3:23 – 25)

In the Old Testament the children of Israel was so afraid of God, they asked Moses to rather speak to God on their behalf.  But it is quite evident through the Old Testament years and even being under the Law that God intended to protect and guide His people with unconditional love.  Although they were sinful and rebellious against His will, He kept on coming back with forgiveness and I think the following verse sums it all up:

  •  Jer 29:11  For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

Therefore I can also declare to you that God wants to speak to you from a point of Grace. Does not matter what you have done in this world.  The Blood of Jesus Christ is also intended for the chiefest of all sinners as Paul described himself – and so also for you and me.

Please accept the offer of Christ on the Cross and that His blood also covers you now.  He has amazing plans and thoughts for you, thoughts of peace that only He can give to you, thoughts to prosper and to enjoy His love in being set free from sin and shame.

Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior completely in your life and you will experience how and when God also talks to you. Not always in an audible voice, but you will experience His love and amazing grace as He leads you through this life every day.  If you want to you can pray the following prayer for yourself and maybe send it also to someone who needs to know that God has good thoughts for him or her and wants to speak to them from a point of grace.

“Lord Jesus, thank you for your redeeming love and the sacrifice that You have given to me to be completely free from sin and shame.  Thank you that Your blood covers me and that all my sins have been washed away through your Grace and Mercy.  It is the prayer from my heart to be in such a relationship where I will hear your voice again and again speaking to me from above the mercy seat.  That I will know and accept each day You have only thoughts of peace, prosperity and grace for me as a child of yours. Thank you for Your Word that guides and teaches me in Your rigtheousness and establish Your purpose in my life.  Amen!”

To serve Jesus Christ is not a “Sunday thing” –

but rather a daily journey of discovery and experience in Him!


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