This morning I decided to start off with a song which my wife and me overheard in a show room of a tile company in Hammanskraal about two years ago.

We were walking in this showroom with our eldest daughter and her husband while they were looking for tiles for a new home. We heard music playing over the sound system and then both my wife and me looked at each other the same time. We immediately sensed this is Gospel music playing in a public showroom – as we experienced the anointing on the song.

One of the sales staff gave me the title of the song as well as the name of the singer. It happened to be the well-known local singer Rebecca Malope with her CD “Hero” and the song was “I love you Lord”.

What really catches my attention is the choir singing in the background with the words “I love you Lord”. It really touch your
deepest feelings and love for Jesus Christ. It is a simple song and Rebecca is praising God for being God in her life and I know this song has touched many others as well. Unfortunately I don’t understand the words of the other songs and some of them is not my cup of tea (in the same sense that I don’t like jazz music) – but this one song is worth listening over and over and to sing along with the choir.

During our crusades in Venda and Gaanspan, the thing that always stirs up the Holy Spirit and anointing in me,  is when the local people start to sing and praise God spontaneously without any accompanying music instruments.  The young people would form a group and the one would be the lead singer and the rest would fill in with the chorus.  You will experience the clear voices of the young girls and the young men would fill in with their natural bass vocals.  I do believe that the anointing that is being brought forth from the singing and the harmony of their voices must bring a sweet fragrance of praise before our God.  Maybe one day we can bring these groups from the poorest of the poor together in a mass choir event to praise God.

You know, from experience in the ministry field, it is usually the most simplest of songs that stirs up the flow of the Holy Spirit and where deliverance and healing is taking place.  It was exactly the case at a UPC Conference in Pretoria (1992) where they sang the old song: “Sy naam moet Jesus wees, want dit is Hy wat Sy volk van hul sonde sal verlos, Sy Naam moet Jesus wees.”  I guess in English is would be something like:  “His Name must be Jesus, because it is He who would deliver His people from sin”.

For the first time I could see the movement of the Holy Spirit like a whirlpool and people being delivered from bondages in the middle of it.  That is where my wife and me got saved again and decided to follow Jesus without any compromise and excuse.  We received a second chance when a plain down-to-earth song was sung by a church who was seeking God at that moment.  And after all these year we haven’t looked back.

I think the music in the Church today is too complicated and we need to come back to basics.  Just sing “I love you Lord” … and then change it to something else … creative … open for the flow of the Holy Spirit … and sing a new song to the Glory of God!  It will change your day!

Past Eric J Heath is from Galilee International Ministries (SA) in Pretoria and is available to lecture or minister on specific subjects as required. He can be contacted through this website.




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