This morning I got up a little bit earlier than usual and was quite aware of our neighbor’s rooster that sounded the start of a new day – already since 3:30 every morning and every hour until the sun is up.  My wife and daughter has already given a stern warning that we will be eating “chicken – a la -neighbor” one of these days.

In some sense it reminds me of the tranquility of farm life and the farmers of old who never used alarm clocks to wake them up – because they had the privilege of the natural alarm clocks that God has built into nature and into His creation.  Just think about it?  Who instructed the rooster to crow early in the morning (and sometimes also in the middle of the night as well)?  And through all these generations of roosters they all still do the same thing – even though they do not learn it from older roosters.  It is natural and it is built into their DNA and character by the Creator of all and not by a big bang or through evolution.  If it was evolution, then the roosters would have a more techno sound (with volume & serious timing control) by now and also being able to start the coffee machine?

But what stirred in my heart was that God has created/given us another brand new day to enjoy and to prosper as children of the most high God.  The scientists proclaim the earth and creation is millions and billions of years old, while some theologians claim it only exists for approximately 6000 years.  Any which way, it still remains a mystery and a miracle that the sun is still shining everyday (24/7 – when we sleep, it shines on another continent), the seasons are still in place, even though it might feel warmer/colder at times and the seasonal plants are still growing at its predestined times.  The fruit trees are still flowering in the spring and producing the fruit that we need. 

When God created the heavens and the earth and every other thing, He said it was good.  Therefore, each new day that we receive in this life is GOOD. Even Mondays are GOOD and maybe Fridays are even better (such as today), but there should not be any day that is bad.  It is only man that can corrupt the goodness that the Lord has given to us as a gift. 

Paul reminds us that we run a race like an athlete and he says we should run the race to make sure we complete it. 

  • 1Co 9:24  You know that in a race all the  runners run but only one wins the  prize, don’t you? You must run in such a way that you may be victorious.

 It is only our perspective and attitudes that determines the start, progress and finish of each day.  When our attitudes are set right at the start (even if you don’t want to go to work), the progress through the day will be different and the finish even better.  In the book of Hebrews (Hebr 12:1), the writer makes a sound statement that we have such a cloud of witnesses surrounding us of the grace and abundance of God in our lives, and we should get rid of all hindrances that entangles us – but most of all to keep on running, stay in the race, have the right mindset and attitude, an attitude of a winner and a conqueror, because that’s what and who you are in Christ!

Start a new day with praise to the one and only living God and then be ready to be amazed by His awesome power and love. Continue by giving a smile to a stranger and you will receive one back as well.  Greet someone new and tell them this is a good day – and if they ask you why? (probably with a big question mark and frown across their face) – tell them because it was created and given by God to you as a gift.  Maybe they will call the ambulance on you, but stick to the right attitude of love and joy and soon it will also envelope them like a cloud. 

Enjoy your brand new day!

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