From the Writers Pen:  By Past Dave Miles

 “As a heart longs for flowing streams, so longs my soul for thee, O’ God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.”  Psalms 42:1-2

Most Christians or should I say professing Christians today are Superficial in their relationship with God and their peers. It seems to be the curse of this century, for these people carry many hats to suite there purpose in life. They are looking for instant spiritual satisfaction & fail to see the need for spiritual discipline. We actually need a deeper spiritual relationship with our God & this stems from discipline in His Word & what is required from us as Christians.

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Spiritual Disciplines – A Slave of Ingrained Habits

We are accustomed to the fact that sin is individual acts of disobedience to God, which is true to an extent only, for sin is actually a condition that makes people slaves to their own actions. We are taught that we are born as sinners who drastically need & should desire redemption from God, for He alone can cleanse us from our conditions.

In Romans 3:9-18, Paul the Apostle, frequently refers to sin as a condition, which plagues the human race. According to Romans 7:5f, Sin is a condition which works its way through the bodily members & which is engrained as habits of the body. Therefore there is no other slavery that can compare to the slavery of ingrained habits of sin.

According to Isaiah 57:20, ‘The wicked are likened unto the tossing sea; for it cannot rest, & its waters toss up mire & dirt.’  The sea, much like us humans, does not require to do anything special to produce mire & dirt / human sin, as this is as a result of its natural motions / actions. Therefore sin is a part of the internal structure of our lives, no special effort was required or needed to produce it, thus now we find ourselves trapped & seeking ways to escape its grip on our lives.

The main idea is to launch a full frontal attack by relying on our willpower & determination to defeat or overcome this ingrained habit; whether it being fear, bitterness, pride, gluttony, substance abuse, lust, etc, – we become determined never to do or be overcome by it again. We pray against it, fight against it & set our will against it & in vain we fail again & again. One needs to understand, we cannot free & purify our own hearts by exerting our own ‘Will.’  In Colossians 2:20-23, Paul describes some of the non – spiritual disciplines that people use to control sin; touch not, handle not & taste not. He goes on to say that this lands up in being ‘Will worship,’ by achieving victory & success over sin. This is not God’s power in your life but your human nature & will power which will always fail you. Paul looks at the peoples strenuous efforts in their spiritual walk, their use of will power, & he righteously calls it Idolatry – ‘Will worship.’ 

As long as you think you can save yourself by your own will power, you will then allow the evil within you to grow in strength. In Matthew 12 :34-36, Jesus describes this condition when He spoke of the external righteousness of the Pharisees; “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks ….I will tell you, on the day of judgement men will render accounts for every idle or careless word they will utter.’ Out of the abundance of our hearts the truth will be revealed; if we are full of compassion, it will be revealed; if we are full of bitterness, it will also be revealed.

Therefore, to sum up our will has the same deficiency as the law, it can only deal with external issues, it is incapable of bringing about the necessary transformation of the inner spirit & does not bring one closer to God or promote spiritual discipline into our lives. The will of God in our lives provides everlasting changes, our will needs to align itself within the scope of God’s will, then we will see the miraculous changes within our lives.

Hold onto the next episode where we will discuss the opening or access of the spiritual discipline gateway.

The Writer travels with you seeking this spiritual discipline!

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