According to a recent report that I have extracted from the website, we can see the volume of people who visit our website per country.  I was quite astonished to see which countries feauture on the list and I would like to express our gratitude to all of our visitors.  We value each visitor and you can also go back in our blog history to read all the posts and teachings since 2009.  As we strive to continually upgrade the website content and even layout, we will welcome your feedback/comments on the posts.  Unfortunately we also have to beware of all the people who would love to hack into our system and flood it with spam. 

Today I would like to welcome all visitors from China – who are the second largest volume of people who visits our website. You are most welcome to read all the articles and also to refer/forward our link to your friends and family.  I pray that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will also make a vast difference in your personal lives as well as in your country. May God bless China and that the Word of God go forth in all the towns and villages, from mouth to mouth and heart to heart. Amen!

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