Bright and early this coming Saturday (4th August 2012), our SOS-ministry team will be off to Middelburg (not sure about   the new name of the town) in Mpumalanga to conduct a training session with the leadership teams of Past Toby NGwenya and  Past Dumisani on the aspects of “Unity in Leadership” as well as “Operating in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit”.  The training session will take on the format of a workshop with full participation of all delegates and it promises to be a day full of fun and learning experiences.

Both these pastors recently joined Galilee Ministries as Partners (Galilee Africa Missions Partners – GAMP) and it is absolutely our privilege and pleasure to support them with these training sessions.  It is the intension to conduct such training sessions (short courses) on a regular monthly basis and also to support it with the more formal training curriculum being offered through our new revamped BinaH Advanced Bible College for those people who feel led by the Spirit of the Lord to enter into the ministry field.   More about this later.

The list of available short courses are as follows :

Short Courses conducted in a practical workshop type of setting

Unity in Leadership

Baptism with the Holy Spirit

Church Administration

7 Attributes of success

Dealing with disappointment

Discover your ministry and gifts

Altar Workers

Tabernacle of Moses

Oneness of God

(Wheel of Prophecy; Attributes; Names) 

Old Testament Typology

(Instruments and Practices)

Setting Ministry Objectives

(Management by Objectives)

Relationships: Growth to Maturity

The New Birth

(Foundational series)

Masks and deliverance

Faith that is real

(Faith in Action)

50-days of Breakthrough

Grace of God VS Law

Character of the Pastor /Leader

Authority in Prayer

Develop Self Confidence

Righteousness of Christ

The Feast of Tabernacles

Father heart of God

Effective Communication

Any local church or group who are interested in receiving such training sessions are more than welcome to contact us through this website to schedule a workshop and training session.  We are also available to  facilitate a spiritual intervention (guided by the Holy Spirit) for the leadership of a church who desperately needs to change their approach, vision and impact in their ministry area.

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