The Executive Board of Galilee International Ministries (SA), is pleased to introduce the revamped Bible College to all current and future visitors to our website and potential students.

First of all, the name of our Bible College is:

  • The BinaH Avanced Bible College  (B -ABC)
  • The word is pronounced as in “been-ah” (some resources describe it as “bee-naw”)
  • The overall focus will be on the “advanced/higher” level of learning and insight into the Word of  God;

BinaH  – is a Hebrew word which basically means “understanding”.  But this Hebrew word is far more complex than just one single meaning and according to various Hebrew scholars, the Strong’s Concordance, Hebrew-Greek  Key Word Study Bible and other biblical resources, the root of this word is also from another Hebrew word “beyn”; “bin”; “biyn” – different spelling according to different sources – which means the following: 

  • To discern between, perceive, observe, pay attention to, to be intelligent, to comprehend, knowing, to heed to, make intelligent, to instruct, to teach and to be prudent. 
  • The primary meaning is insight and understanding and discernment is a closely-related idea as the word inculcates the concept of distinguishing between right and wrong.  It is specifically noted from the meaning of this word, that it does not refer to the mere accumulation of data, but more to the acquisition of superior knowledge.
  • The word implies the ability to distinguish between the true and the false, the right from the wrong and proper understanding comes from rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Tim 2:15) since we are given knowledge and insight of the One God through His Word (2 Tim 3:16); 
  • Other scholars also refers this word Binah to the analytic and distinguishing aspects of God’s thought and it is symbolized as part of the Shekinah.

Seeing that this word Binah has such a powerful meaning and also refers to the ability to “discern’ and “to have insight”,  other mysticism groups such as the Jewish Kabbalah and even New Age groups have also applied the word in their specific theories and practices.  However, Galilee Ministries and our BinaH Bible College does not have any relationship or connection to their teachings. 


About BinaH Advanced Bible College:


The Philosophy:

The very foundation of this Bible College is based on the true meaning of the Hebrew word, that we will teach and instruct all students to hear the Word of God in Spirit and in truth, allow them  to discern between right and wrong, truth and false teachings and finally lead them to receive insight and understanding about the God we serve and His awesome Word.  Our slogan is therefore derived from this word:  “to teach with insight and understanding”.

The Word Binah is associated with the power of conceptual analysis and reasoning, both inductive and deductive and in particular with the power to grasp and comprehend the insights of “chochma”  (wisdom)The “understanding” of binah also implies the ability to examine the degree of truth or falsehood inherent in a particular idea. This is expressed in Job 34:3: “the ear examines words.” The ear represents the sense of hearing and is therefore associated with binah in the following manner:

  • “Hear, O Israel…” (Deuteronomy 6:4) means “listen attentively, discern, to understand….”

The Word says: So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (Rom 10:17 KJV).  In order to receive the deeper insight and understanding of the Word of God, we need to receive faith through the hearing (continually) of the Word of God.  To reach the deeper meanings and lessons from the Word of God, the desirable quality to be awakened in our spirit  – is that of silence.  This is appropriate since it is necessary to keep quiet in order to hear,  but particularly to listen attentively.  It is right at this point in “Binah”  where each lesson becomes established and where you learn that silence (meditation of the Word) is often a powerful weapon.  You come to realize that true understanding stems from knowing what you must struggle through and what you must let go of in order to grow.

Next week we will continue with the Vision of the Bible College as we present the complete Prospectus.

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