The Registration and Course fees:

  • Potential students should register on the website by clicking on the “Sign up & Newsletters” button on the home page.  When this page opens up, scroll down to the “Leave a Reply” box and complete all relevant information as well as the following message:  “Please send me the Bible College Application Template”.  This procedure will only be an interim measurement untill the Application form can be downloaded on the website. 

Course programs will only be forwarded (electronically by email) once the required application form has been received,  processed and relevant course fees paid into our banking account.  Course programs will be forwarded to the students per module and according to the progress they make. 


Cost per module


Cost per course


Registration fees per application:  All courses

All courses

R 150

Course fees per specific Curriculum



  • First year (Certificate Curriculum): ( 5 compulsory & 2 Secondary)


2 450

  • Second year (Diploma Curriculum): (5 compulsory & 2 Secondary)


2 450

  • Third year (Batchelor Degree Curriculum): (6 compulsory & 2 Secondary)


5 600

  • Fourth year (Advanced Bible College & Ordination Program)
    • All compulsory studies and practical implementation


3 500

  •  Master’s Degree (Theology / Biblical Counselling / Biblical Studies)


7 500

  • Doctoral degree ((Theology / Biblical Counselling / Biblical Studies)


7 500


  • Please note that all fees are significantly subsidized.
  • The course fees includes the cost of rapports and Certificates being issued by Galilee International Ministries (SA) and includes the cost of Certificates and Degrees (in US $) being issued by Therapon University in USA. 
  • Group rates:  If more than 5 people apply from one venue, we will apply a 10% discount on the Registration and Course fees. 
  • If the student is registered with Galilee International Ministries (SA) either as a Full member or a Missions Partner (GAMP) and their membership fees are up to date, no registration fees will apply. 
  • Full-time students may apply with a full motivation for further bursary assistance. Study bursaries will only be applied if it is provided by a sponsor.
  • Fees do not include the purchase/provision of textbooks or printing of lectures.
  • The College does not offer any accommodation for students.

 The Payment Detail:

Payments can be made to the banking account of the College in the form of cash or electronic transfers – the College does not have credit card facilities. Students are required to notify the College of incoming payments, particularly if they are transferred electronically. When depositing into the College account, it is important to use your College number as part of your payment reference. 

Payments issuing from foreign countries may take the form of a bank draft, or preferably, a telegraphic transfer (TT) – as this is a safer option. Always remember to include the cost of the bank service fees for both drafts and TT’s (usually around R150.00).

The bank details for College payments will only be provided once an applicant has completed the applicable application form and it’s been approved by the Faculty.

Dr. Eric J.Heath (D.Th)
President: Galilee International Ministries (SA)


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