The deception is in the Church:

The legend of the Trojan Horse is also applicable to the Church and for this purposes, I would like to explain how and why and in what dimensions the Trojan Horse of the enemy has already entered into the fortified gates and walls of the Church. 

Take for instance the number of men (40) apparently hidden inside the horse and then we see the meaning of this number to be “tribulation……”.   When the enemy is welcomed and released on the inside of the Church, the Church will experience a period of tribulation and death – in the same sense as the people of Israel were travelling for 40 years in the desert and all of them over the age of 20 died in the desert. I am not saying that a lot of people will pass away soon, but a lot of people will “die spiritually” because of the ongoing deception, the “good news syndrome prophecies ” and various gimmicks to camouflage the absence of the Holy Spirit in churches. 

But how and where does this legend then fit into the Church of today and is the Trojan Horse of deception really IN the Church, or is it only my opinion and a figment of my imagination?  Let’s firstly look at Scripture in this regard:

  • Now the Spirit says clearly that in the last times some people will abandon the faith by following deceitful spirits, the teachings of demons, and the hypocrisy of liars, whose consciences have been burned by a hot iron. 1Ti 4:1-2 ISV
  • If you continue to point these things out to the brothers, you will be a good servant of Christ Jesus, nourished by the words of the faith and the healthy teaching that you have followed closely. Do not have anything to do with godless myths and fables of old women, but train yourself in godliness. 1Ti 4:6-7

We are all part of an ongoing war against Satan and he wants to take as many as possible souls as souvenirs with him to hell.  Scripture teaches that we need to take up the full armor of God (Paul repeats himself twice to press down the urgency of this) so that we may withstand the schemes of the devil.  He wrote that “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” (Eph 6:11 13)

We need to stand firm in the truth of the Word of God and not allow ourselves to be manipulated, deceived or condemned by the sly schemes and half-truths that the devil will fabricate to let it sound as the truth –  but it is totally removed from it!

We all know the saying: “ If you sleep every night in a garage,  it does not mean that you are now a car or even will become one in time”.   I want to take it further: “Everything that happens in a church between the opening and closing prayers, is NOT always the truth according to the Word of God or at least being guided through the Spirit of God – even if it happens inside a church building and the name of Jesus Christ is mentioned or called upon in such a service!” Even if it sounds like a good idea to do something, it does not say that it is a God-idea or according to His will.  There is a very fine line between the flesh (carnal mindedness), the soul (humanistic ) and the spirit (the area in which the Spirit of  God function).  From firsthand experience quite a lot of local churches will qualify only to be a good social club, as it delivers only on the carnal and soul level, but nothing more than that.  Jesus himself warned us: “For false christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. (Mat 24:24)  

It is so funny that when you speak to people who do not want to see the error in their ways (such as false prophets and teachers; fornicators; adulterers; lesbians and homosexuals; sinful and disobedient people in general, etc.) according to the Word of God, they would quickly retaliate by saying you are “judgmental” and “negative and critical” of all things.  Now there is a big difference between being judgmental (when we judge and condemn a person to hell) and being critical (always negative and cannot see the good in anything) and the fact that we need to discern (to test everything and measure it against the Word of God if it is good or evil, right or wrong).  I do not see the devil in everything, but when the Lord is revealing it to you, then we should listen up!   

Once again the Apostle Paul gives us this sound advice:

  • Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise prophecies,  but test everything; hold fast what is good.  Abstain from every form of evil. (1Th 5:19-22) 
  • Test everything with the Word of God! Even use your common sense that God has created you with.

Just today I saw another “prophecy” from a Prophet Sylvester Ofori  who said the following:  “I want to decree to somebody here today from the direction you are not expecting help will come to you in Jesus name. Signs and Wonders will multiply in your life. The grace to enjoy divine health for the rest of your life is coming to you right now. For the rest of your life you will not know sickness again. All your dreams will come to pass, all your expectations will become manifestations. Oh come on somebody if you receive this word on today, shout a big “HALLELUYAH” and make the devil mad”. 

Where in the world does this man get his info from that:

  • Signs and wonders will multiply in your life” – only if you follow the Word of God
  • The grace to enjoy divine health for the rest of your life is coming to you right now.” – for the rest of my life ? Says who and on what authority? It is unbiblical!
  • “For the rest of your life you will not know sickness again?” –   Not in this world according to the Word of God!
  • “All your dreams will come to pass, all your expectations will become manifestations” –  Wow !  Prosperity here we come!

I am sorry to say, but this is UTTER RUBBISH!!!! It is unbiblical  to say or to decree or prophecy that you will not know sickness ever again in this life!  That ALL your dreams will come to pass!  This is a typical “good news syndrome prophecy” and the root of this all is being carnally minded – to satisfy the needs and desires of the flesh!  He is speaking to the desires of people’s hearts and NOT according to the Will of God!

But according to his Facebook I am probably the odd one out as more than 1500 people like this!   The only conclusion that I can draw from this is that the Church is ripe and ready for the coming of the Anti-Christ!  The Church will welcome him with open arms and fall for each new trick and sign and wonder.  Once again the following scripture comes to mind! 

For false christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. (Mat 24:24)  

This is a serious matter and one to consider carefully
under and through the real Holy Spirit of God !
Sometimes I wonder if we are still even serving the same God and if the same Holy Spirit is evident in these services? There are people who talk about the “kundilini spirit” (false holy spirit), but I do not have enough evidence or study material to back this up and you as the reader can go and do your own research in this regard.  In Venda (South Africa) a typical Nigerian scam spirit is operational in a majority of churches and the sad thing of it all –  it is attracting people to come and listen.   

The questions that I would like to pose to the leaders of the Church of today is:

  • “Is the Church still on its course to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a dying world?
  • Are you really busy with the Spirit of God, or with humanism?
  • Are you making compromises with sinful and even demonic practices just in order to remain popular or not to lose one of your major tithe payers?   

The answer on the last question is that we as pastors and leaders are most definitely NOT in a popularity contest! We only need to please our God and Savior and through this process we will unfortunately displease some people around us and even make some enemies along the way – because they do not want to hear the Word of truth that we speak in love! 

One of our pastors asked me some time ago: “What do you think is the Lord saying to His Church today?” My immediate response was: “I don’t think the Lord is saying anything to His Church, because we have too many “prophets” who are talking on behalf of God through their “prophecies” of “so says the Lord!”  

I guess He is not talking to the Church at all due to the false teachings and prophets, the greed after money and show business (spirit of entertainment) in the church. But I do acknowledge there are still some pockets of excellence left where the true Spirit of God is still evident and welcomed in congregations.  Many children of God see the problem, but do not say anything “as the Spirit of God should sort out the problem.”  I disagree because the Lord has given the Church the 5-fold ministry to govern the church through leadership IN the Spirit of God, but He has also given the 9- gifts of the Spirit whereby the Church (and leadership) is empowered to lead and to be able to discern between right and wrong.

The writer of the book of Hebrews, wrote the following stunning few words that is so powerful:

  • In fact, though by now you should be teachers, you still need someone to teach you the basic truths of God’s word. You have become people who need milk instead of solid food. For everyone who lives on milk is still a baby and is inexperienced in the message of righteousness.  But solid food is for mature people, whose minds are trained by practice to distinguish good from evil.( Heb 5:12-14 ISV) 
  • He makes a distinction between immature and mature people where the former group is still inexperienced in the message of righteousness.  But solid food – the deeper meaning and lessons and revelations of the Word, are for the mature  “whose minds are trained by practice to distinguish good from evil.”
  • Now I would have expected that the leaders of the Church should fall all in this last category, but I am astounded to find leaders/pastors who are not capable to distinguish between right and wrong, between good and evil.  Or are they perhaps making a compromise somewhere along the line not to offend someone or to remain popular with men?

These gifts are not only given to the 5-fold leadership team in the congregation, but it is divided to all members of such a congregation.  Unfortunately the gift of discernment is very scarce and where it is operational, some of the pastors would stifle the true functioning of it for various reasons. In our local ministry we have seen and experienced it where people would leave the church as soon as the full presence of the Spirit of God enters the building.  They are too afraid to enter the building because when they do, the Spirit of God convicts them of their sinful nature – without even one word being spoken to them! That is the God we serve and where His Spirit is welcomed!

I am writing this from my own experience and research over the past 10 years or so and I think the Church has lost her vision and gone off course to follow idols and money. In my short period of 17 years in the ministry (of which 3 years was as a Youth Leader ),  I have seen the changes coming through and how easily “the elect” has been deceived.  The core business (ministry) of any congregation should be to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the true power of the Holy Spirit to a dying world.  Paul says the Kingdom of God is not in word, but in power (1Co 4:20) But where is the true manifested power of the Holy Spirit? I am not talking about the manifested “gimmicks” in the church of people “falling under the Spirit” and being led to Christ through a “sinners prayer”?  NO!  I am talking about the Spirit of God that convicts of unrighteousness and then leads people to repentance and a complete transformation – to become a truly new creation!  That is the God whom I serve!

Maybe there would be a rise in voices coming through from my colleagues in the ministry about my limited experience in the ministry, but please bear with me and read further.  The early Pentecostal Church was a place where you could enter and find the movement and presence of the Holy Spirit and where the praise and worship left you in awe of the One God who was being worshipped.  And let me add to this – in those days the band only existed between an organ, lead and bass guitar players and maybe two to four singers.   No fancy equipment and lights!   But the anointing made all the difference and it still does when the musicians come to the party with clean hearts and minds and full of the Spirit of God. 

The main problem in the Church today is the lack of discernment through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  The Church has gone deaf and blind and therefore unable to identify the real threat in its midst.  The leaders has allowed other spirits into their services and slowly but surely has taken over – because if it’s happening in other mega/main stream churches or the USA, then it should possibly be right?  No, not always and it is only through the discernment of the Spirit of God that you will be able to see right from wrong.  And the right answer should ALWAYS align up with the Word of God. 

Let me give you an example:  A few years ago we had a couple in our church who left due to their own marital problems and the fact that I had to put the husband under church censure due to an adulterous affair.  About two years later they wanted to return and I accepted them on the condition they would both come for deliverance first.  The night with the deliverance process, we could see and experience a great breakthrough in his life, but nothing happened with the wife.  She would just sit quietly and pray with us and nothing moved or stirred in her that was not from the Lord.  But something still bothered our ministry team that night and could not pinpoint it.  The following two years, I experienced something in my ministry that you would not even want your enemies to go through.  People in our leadership team started to act funny towards me and my wife, gossiping started to rebound again after I have dealt with it in a very severe and direct manner in the early years of this congregation. 

I suspected this couple was at the root of the problem as they would often visit people in the church at home, but once again could not pinpoint the exact spirit working its way amongst us.  People would tell me what they have said to them, but I should not divulge their names as they did not want to spoil the friendship.  So once again, I knew who was at the root of the problem, but was completely helpless not being at liberty to provide the proof. When I preached the Word of God, they would sit in front and make notes and more often than not, also would have tears running down their cheeks from hearing the specific message for the day.  At first I thought “yes, the Spirit of God is working in them” and maybe we will still see a change.  Then after a service she would gossip to another sister and would try to put me in a difficult position by twisting and turning my words to suit her.   As time went by, their tears during the services started to annoy me –  and that also bothered me because how could I have become so callous towards another brother and sister?  Then the Lord opened up my mind and spirit to see deeper as He clearly revealed the workings of the Jezebel spirit. 

I think the turning point came when my Assistant Pastor said something sarcastic to me and I then responded by telling him the whole scenario of what has been happening in the church over the last 18 months or so.  It was only through the grace and wisdom of the Lord Jesus that we identified the root problem and revealed the persons involved (the Jezebel spirit always work hand in hand with the Ahab spirit) who tried to bring division in the congregation.   This couple refused to come for deliverance again and sad to say they joined another local Pentecostal church who welcomed them with open arms and no questions asked!    

Not all people who talk in tongues are from the Lord Jesus Christ!  Not all people who seem so holy and spiritual are really walking the talk and walking the walk!  At first they can really impress you with their hard and fervent prayers, but after a while you will see they do not have a solid foundation of the Gospel to build upon.  They may sound like they know something, but it fact are still very immature and will fall for anything (for any new theology that sounds right). 

Where are you today in your relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord?  Are you still battling with a sinful nature and being a slave to sin?  The answer to overcome is quite easy – it is your choice what you want to be in Christ!  He is waiting to receive you and lead you – but you need to make the choice of giving Him your all!  

Are you perhaps a slave of  the “good news syndrome prophecies” and “daily prophecies” to be encouraged every day? Well stop it and grow up in the Spirit of God and let Him talk to you straight from His heart and from His Word! Don’t let any man make a slave of you to follow their evil minds and ideas. 

If you need help in this regard, complete the box below or elsewhere on the website and I will return your request. 

Follow the part 3 of this teaching tomorrow!

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Venetia · November 14, 2012 at 9:28 am

It is so sad to see all these things happening in the church but it just goes to show that God does not lie as He has pinned it down in His Word!
Futhermore I think it is a slap in the face of Jesus because the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. (Revelation 19:10)
There is very little, if any, of these so called good news prophesies that actually refer to Jesus.
God help us and if He can, give us more grace to endure this time on earth.

Lavern · April 17, 2015 at 3:03 am

God is still on the throne!

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