The following two deliveries of this series will perhaps shock you when you learn to find out what is happening in the modern church of today concerning the gift of prophecy.   But keep on reading and share it with as many friends and family as possible.

Prophecies for dummies :

While I was researching this whole dilemma of false prophets and prophecies in the Church of today, I thought about where in the world would people get these “Daily prophecies” from – and then a thought along the lines of “prophecies for dummies – guidebook” came to mind.  And sure enough, when I Googled the name, astonishingly I found many websites that would either guide you “how to” prophecy and other’s would give you a daily fresh prophecy.   Wow! Can’t believe this?  “” – it actually does exist!

Other websites also exists where they will actually teach you exactly all of the skills and tools on how to “prophecy” without being caught out or being labeled as a false prophet.  You can check out only one of them; the “Skeptic Report” in this regard.  Be prepared to know that this man also goes by an ancient sorcerer’s name and will teach you the tricks of the trade in prophesying – and most definitely not from a Biblical point of view.  He is in actual fact revealing “trade secrets” to the rest of the world.  The following viewpoints (from this “Sceptic Report”- website),  are only highlighted to prove my point that any bozo out there can compile a “prophecy” and feed it to the unsuspecting Church (other dummies), who eats it as truth:

  • “Retroactive Shoehorning: a Prophet’s best friend. Shoehorning is the basis for many paranormal claims, such as cold-reading, and is most effective with a high degree of symbolism. The human mind excels in establishing meaningful connections between unrelated things. Few people fully understand this, and are thus ideal targets of shoehorned prophecies. For this reason, a large number of vague statements that can have multiple meanings (the more, the better), are an ideal prophecy.
  • Reconciling Prophet Guilt Syndrome. Every so often, you may have doubts about whether your abilities are legitimate. These may be accompanied by guilt pangs at the thought that you may be leading people to dedicate their lives to a lie. Alternatively, you may be living in constant fear of embarrassment by errant skeptics who somehow got their greedy paws on the secrets of prophecy outlined above. These considerations will either nag at you until you die of a stress-related ailment, or you need to suppress them and be confident you’re a real Prophet.
  • Convincing yourself you’re lying, but doing the world a favor anyway, may come in handy at alleviating such concerns, but it’s only a temporary solution. You need to believe in yourself  (this is based upon Humanism – Editor) to have any chance at making the Major League. But don’t worry, this won’t require any active dishonesty or effort on your part.
  • As your confidence and number of successful predictions to your credit grows, you will find it increasingly hard to discount them all. You are not, after all, superhuman. You’ll forget those failed predictions with the rest of your followers, and keep seeing new and improbable coincidences “too large to ignore” in the successful predictions you do make. People may report being saved from various problems after contact with you, or after reading and following your writings. Miracle reports to your name may grow in the retelling. You may have a spontaneously induced vision from prolonged ritual, fasting or hallucinogenic substances. And so on.”

There is just too much information to include here for this purpose but the following type of words are being used throughout this “guide” and that is:

  • “Do you want worship, power, wealth, the ability to amaze friends, family and attractive females with psychic insights?
  • To understand arcane secrets of the universe that will grant you supernatural insight into the future. 
  • Resource for jump-starting your religion, gaining or adding to your mythical reputation, obtaining additional followers, and many other worthwhile goals.
  • These esoteric techniques….
  • The odds of that are basically guaranteed, especially if you make it vague enough and invoke prophecy-aiding devices > like “partial fulfillment” as needed.
  • Luckily, much of your audience will want to believe in prophecy already, while the rest will either need just a little encouragement,
  • Engage those brain cells in the audience in some pattern-matching exercises.
  • This is something that transcends mere prophecy into all aspects of human life, with even doctors accounting for a notorious variation–the Placebo Effect–in double-blind studies.
  • Wishful Thinking: Play off their dreams, hopes and fears for greater success. As a general rule, people flock to magical and superstitious explanations to mysterious phenomena.
  • Specifics, Dates and Deadlines: a Prophet’s bane. The first rule of prophecy club is, you don’t talk about specifics or deadlines! These are the #1 beginner mistake, and have ruined many a promising career. Prophecy should almost never contain names, places, dates and cutoff times.
  • To avoid a false prophecy which will either require some mental gymnastics to explain away or (worse) haunt you for the rest of your career, avoid specifics and deadlines.
  • Have a special, visually impressive “magic hat,” ritual dress or something which you’ll use when making “official, legitimate, inspired” prophecies.” 

My question to you: Do you really want to be involved with someone who calls themselves “prophets” and provide “daily prophecies” of which the basic foundation of it is clearly false? Not only is it false, but the very foundation of it could be Humanism and witchcraft!

There is no purpose and no benefit from it and the Word of God is clear about it – He will not honor it!  You are being misled and deceived and while you are listening to this false voice, you will not be able to hear the true voice of God in your life!

  • If you are busy with this process of sending out these prophecies – Stop it now and repent!
  • If you are ready and building your life around it – STOP IT NOW and REPENT!
  • Hear what God wants to say directly to you!

But it will not come pre-fabricated – it will come fresh from God and directly to you! But you will have to wait on Him, seek Him with all of your heart and He is faithful and will speak to you. God does not work in “instant” relationships and solutions. Start to know His voice!

What about if my faith is still strong in God and I do believe the prophecies, will God not still bless me? Well, the people of Israel believed the false prophecies because they wanted to, but God did not fulfill it. Instead they received the opposite from what was prophesied.

  • Let the prophet who has a dream tell the dream, but let him who has my word speak my word faithfully. What has straw in common with wheat? declares the LORD”.      (Jer 23:28)

What has straw in common with wheat?

What do you want from the clearly false prophecies?  What are you seeking to accomplish through this?

Seek the Lord with all of your heart and His righteousness, and all else will fall in place!  When you need wisdom, pray about it.  When you need healing or anything else, pray about it and let God answer you Himself.  He is a personal Savior and a personal God – He will talk to you directly if you seek Him and allow Him to talk to you!  Listen for His voice!!!!

 Please follow the next delivery of this important teaching to the Church!  Please leave us your comments in the box provided below.




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