I greet all our website visitors in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

The new year started off with a problem on our website and the result of it, is that we have lost our visitor’s counter and all stats, especially the counter which identifies the top posts with the most visits since 2009.

We are still looking at processes how to reactivate it, but in the meantime please bear with us as we also will be looking into the possibility of revamping the website completely. (Work in progress)

Please visit the “History” page for all the posts that has been posted since 2009.  You will find there a vast volume of teachings and Bible study topics of which the top posts being:

  • Arithmetic of God – with a free download offer;
  • Gees VS Vlees – this is a teaching in Afrikaans but it was also translated to English in 2012.
  • The  Monster Energy drink revelation of 666?
  • The study on the “Trojan Horse is in the Church” – 6 part series of the false prophets and prophetic words in the Church.
  • Many other in-depth studies that will help you in your quest for truth in the Word of God.
  • And don’t forget the daily/weekly postings;
  • You can also join us on Facebook :Galilee International Ministries (SA).

Hold on and keep on trusting the Lord Jesus Christ will all of your heart. (Jer 17:7) – no matter what!

Past Eric Heath

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