Binah – To teach with insight and understanding. 

We are so excited and pleased to announce that our Bible College will officially start tonight (28 February 2013) at 19:00 at our Pretoria North campus.  Tonight will mainly involve the registration of potential students (at this moment in time at least 8 people has indicated that they are interested to start) and the introduction of the Bible College to the students.

Everyone is welcome to attend the classroom teachings and more detail of our curriculum and course fees can be found on this website under the “Binah Bible College” page.  If you are perhaps also interested to start/continue with your Biblical studies, feel free to contact me via this website by registering and leaving me a note to contact you in this regard.

Potential students who live far away, also have the opportunity to study online as we will forward you the necessary material.  In this regard you will need to have access to a computer and internet facilities.  Within two months we will also be ready to start with postal delivery of training material, if so required.  Our dedicated team of lecturers are also committed to travel to nearby towns on a Saturday/weekend per month to conduct the teachings per curriculum if 5 or more students are available per site.

I just want to conclude with this message with a word of encouragement:

The Word of God is powerful enough to save you, to heal and restore you, but also to re-create your life and situations as never before according to your faith and according to the level of acceptance of the Word of God in your life.  Do you lack in faith and motivation? Read the Word – study it – wait upon the Lord for answers and apply the Word of God as it is worth it.

Trust in the Lord always; and always trust the Lord!






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