Written by Venetia Heath. What does the Lord Jesus Christ mean to you?  To me, He is everything from A – Z and even more!  This is what the Lord laid upon my heart to glorify His Name!




The Lord is my beginning.  Without the price that He paid, there would not have been forgiveness for me.  He is the beginning of who I am, all that I am, do and think! He was thinking of me, all the way to Calvary.


The Lord is my Anchor.  He keeps me steadfast, holding onto my hand and never letting me go.  Through trials and tribulations He has kept me safe and secure.

All in all

The Lord is my all in all.  Without Him I am nothing.  He is everything to me and outside of Him, there is nothing for me.



The Lord is in every breath that I take.  Without Him I seize to exist.  He feeds me with much needed oxygen – He is my Life Giver.

Bread of Life

The Lord is my Bread of Life.  He has given His word to build me up, help me grow and to serve and love others.


The Lord is my Bridegroom.  He has bought me at an expensive price – I am His.  He is preparing me for His coming when I will be perfected by Him and for Him – ready for the marriage supper of the Lamb.




The Lord is my Confidant.  In Him there are no secrets.  I can boldly come to His throne of grace where I can confide in Him with all my heart and soul.  He will not talk out to anybody about what we have shared.  Nothing is hidden from Him.


The Lord is my Comforter.  I can lean against His shoulder in times of hardship and trouble; in times when things just don’t make sense.  He has promised to never leave me or forsake me.


The Lord is my Creator.  Not only has He created the heavens and the earth and all that is within it so majestically, but He has created me – so intricately woven together, so wonderfully made to His image.  His creative Spirit He has given me to use to glorify Him.




The Lord is my desire.  I delight to do Your will oh Lord.  My desire is to worship You and glorify Your Holy Name in everything that I do, say or think.


The Lord is my destiny.  He has put me on this path of righteousness where  I will walk until my destiny is fulfilled in Him.


The Lord is my Deliverer.  He has delivered me from the claws of death and sin and everyday He delivers me from the enemy that wants to steal me away from Him.




The Lord is my Encourager.  When I am low and down to nothing, he picks me up either with a song, a verse, a thought or even a message from someone.  I am always on His mind.


The Lord is my Eagle.  When I am weary He lifts me up and makes me soar under His wings.  He lifts me to higher heights where everything looks different when looking down.


The Lord is my Educator.  Everything and anything I need to know I can learn from His word, or I can just ask Him and He will teach me.  He teaches me how to serve, how to love and how to live His character in this loveless world.

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