The Apostle Paul wrote: So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ (Rom 10:17).  We need to hear the Word of God before we can receive faith in God and in His Word.  But in our modern times we are not limited to the Word of God as we find so many other media such as DVD’s where we can also read and hear the Word of God or at least about the wondrous works of God.

We are living in the best of times – not only in the end times – but also in the modern age of technology that provides so many revelations to mankind. Things that were still hidden even less than 20 years ago. I mean, 20 years ago (1993), we only started with PC’s (the 286 versions) in the workplace and “internet” were still in its design mode.   Just think about the massive intelligence and wisdom drive that were brought about with the computer age, the Hubble telescope and other satellites that brought us the amazing pictures of deep space and the universe.  I am also referring to the ability to search on the internet for information that was previously unknown.  Even this message on our blog, will not only be read by a couple of our friends in South Africa, but it will also be read by hundreds of other people in diverse countries (such as China and the Ukraine, etc.) through the modern day technologies.

Praise God for the wisdom and knowledge that He has bestowed upon man so that He can reveal even more greater stuff about His creation and about His power and wisdom. God is the source of all wisdom and we can see it in His Word and even in every tiny detail of creation.   And we ain’t seen nothing yet!

That’s all for now – I will keep you posted on the follow up of this message about the great and awesome God we serve.

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