After losing my own father at a very young age, I could not see the Lord in this “role” until one day, He said to me “You never call me Father”.  Ever since I had to learn to confide in Him and even trust Him completely.


The Lord is my faith.  Without Him I would never have been able to believe that the impossible is possible.  It is faith in Him that has brought me through many difficult times.


Being a friend is having a relationship with the person.  The Lord has been there for me in so many ways when nobody knew what I was going through and when there was no-one else that cared for me.



The Lord is my God.  I will serve no other Gods.  He is the Only God – the living God.  Before Him there has been no god and after Him there have been none.  There is no-one like Him!


In Him I have divine blessing and unmerited favour which I do not deserve, but He has made me worthy to receive it.  To me Jesus is Grace.


God is good all the time…and all the time God is good.



The Lord is my Healer.  Many times I have been physically ill and He has healed me when I called upon His Name…….Jesus!  Often times we are physically well and even spiritually strong as well, but our emotions are in a mess.  The Lord has taken me through the healer-school of my emotions as well.


The Lord is my heartbeat.  Without His blood pumping though my body, I will be lifeless.  He has given me new life – I am a new creation because of the blood that He shed on the cross of Calvary.


The Lord is a haven of safety for me.  Nothing will happen to me which is not in His plans for me.


The I Am:

The Lord is the Great I Am.  The beginning and the end.


The Lord is in-tune with who I am, what I do, what I say.  He counts the hair on my head and knows how many fall out each day.  He never slumbers or sleeps.  He is ever-present in my life.


My Lord is my inspiration.  He inspires me to go beyond my own abilities and push through to the goal that He has set, however difficult sometimes.


Sometimes I think I have figured God out and then He surprises me with something new, something WOW.  Sometimes I just don’t understand at all.  He is therefore completely beyond human understanding.

Feel free to comment on this and even add other praises to God according to the alphabet letters.   



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