During most part of 2012 and even the first months of  2013, we have been extremely busy revamping and upgrading our current set of lectures and also translating them to the English language.

It is therefore with great excitement and joy in the Lord Jesus Christ, that I can announce today we are ready to start receiving applications for our 1st year of study (Associate Program: Biblical Studies – and related fields) and even students who wish to complete their studies, either on-line or by attending classes in Pretoria North, of South Africa. These classes run every Thursday night from 19:00 – 21:00.

Potential students can visit our College page, by just clicking on the “BINAH Bible College” heading on the top right hand of the website page, and will then be able to find all information pertaining to:

  • The complete Prospectus of the Bible College;
  • The Accreditation of the College through Therapon University;
  • The Curriculum detail of all three years (up to Bachelor in Ministry degree);
  • The Ordination Program for applicable students;
  • The Curriculum fees and payment details;
  • and the possibility to study even further up to Doctorate degree through Therapon University in the USA.
  • Complete the comment box – or register on the website with a comment – and we will send you the Application Template for completion.

The content of the Bible College will most definitely focus on the “Advanced” level of training and empowering of each student.  They will be challenged during their three year study program to seek answers from a deeper and new perspective of the Word of God, and also to be diligent in identifying the false from the truth.

Over and above the formal lectures, students will also receive valuable other resources for free during their study program, which will support them in the years to come in their different ministries.

If you are interested in sponsoring a student to complete such as curriculum, please contact us by completing the comment box provided, as we already have more than 4 students on our books who need financial assistance in this regard.  Each donation will be greatly appeciated and accepted in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord.  May he also bless you through this.



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