We are planning an evangelical crusade to a local farm near Messina (Musina) in the Limpopo Province at the end of May 2013. (31 May – 2 June)

Apparently there is about 4000 people working on the farms and staying in the area.  We have received the go ahead from one of the owners to come and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people and even to start a new church there.  Praise the Lord for He is faithful and good.

We intend to conduct a special event with the children on the Saturday morning and then to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ later in the day/evening as well as on Sunday morning, to the grown ups.  During this time we will be providing the people with:

  • Bibles
  • Literature, tracts, etc.
  • Second hand clothes and shoes, etc.
  • Blankets.

Due to the number of people involved we very much still like to receive more donations of all the above items, even stationary such as pencils and books for the children.  Furthermore we would like to provide the children with a small packet of sweets to bless them in this way.

If you would like to participate as a volunteer to the crusade or to contribute financially towards all of the expenses, please complete the box below with your details and I will contact you as soon as possible in this regard.


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