Today is the 11th June 2013.  And some of you might wonder what makes this date so significant?

Well, on this day 19 years ago on the 11th June 1994 the Lord Jesus called me to the ministry through two specific dreams and scriptures that He revealed to me, of which my main calling came through on the night of the 11th.  It was just more than 2 years after the Lord has given me and my wife another chance to serve Him as children of God.

During this time we were already involved with youth ministry at a local church in Pretoria, but never suspected to be called for the ministry.  My dreams and passion were to sell everything, resign my day job and go farming.  But the Lord had something else in mind for our lives.

Five years afterwards, we bought a small church building in Danville of Pretoria in faith and after months of struggling to get this property registered in our names, it was eventually registered  – on the 11th June 1999The number 5 stands for Grace.  It was Grace indeed that has brought us thus far and to be able to minister the Word of God to people.  It was and is and will be a privilege to do so until the Lord returns.

Now, today it is 19 years ago that this marvelous thing happened to me – to be called to the ministry, and the number 19 stands for Faith according to the Word of God. (Also refer to the Arithmetic of God on this website).  We have gone through a terrible period in our lives where we doubted our prayers and faith, our calling and even in the promises of God.  But He is faithful and He came through for us in the most critical period of our lives. God took us on a road which I call “Faith Experiences” to strengthen our faith and trust in Him and in Him alone.  It is not fun and games on such a road, but He builds character and integrity in you during this time so that your faith will never fail.  In the end we have a testimony through which we can built and support other people again.

In the near future I will finish our testimony about “dealing with disappointment” and post it on our website and I know it will help and support someone out there who is dealing and struggling with this aspect.  Stay with the Lord and trust Him alone!  He is worthy of your trust and you are worthy to receive His love, because He also died for you on the cross.

I also want to thank my wife Venetia who stood with me during these testing times and who are also completely sold out to the Gospel of Jesus Christ like myself.  We are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Together we stand firm and serve Jesus with all of our hearts, all of our minds and all of our strengths and even with all of our material blessings.

Praise be unto the Lord of lords, and King of kings!


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