I would like to provide you a short overview of the circumstances that led to an unbelievable period of disappointment in our lives, in order for you to understand the emotions, frustrations and questions arising from this all, up to the end where God dealt with me on this topic. How to deal with disappointment.

This lesson also deals with the pitfalls when we are disappointed or when we go through trails and tribulations and even trauma. Unfortunately we will all go through trails and tribulations which often leads to extreme disappointment in our lives, more than once.  Sometimes it just feels so unbearable, but God takes us through it all and we only learn the valuable lessons, in the end looking back.  When we are in the midst of the storm, we don’t see the end of it all and it also seems unrealistic, surreal and as if it will never end.  But it does as soon as we are ready to move on and stop feeling sorry for ourselves.


During a period of 18 months, we were led down the proverbial garden path by a fellow pastor (a Bishop from the USA) who offered us billions of dollars being available towards humanitarian and community infrastructure development projects in South Africa and even other Africa countries. Yes, you have read it correctly – billions of dollars being available through an International Foundation.  Seeing that this was the opportunity we have been praying for, for years – and even having received a prophetic word on this about 4 years prior – we jumped boots and all into this.

During this period in time, thousands of kilometers were travelled across 6 provinces, meetings held with Chiefs in Venda, South Africa and elsewhere, with community leaders and even owners of commercial businesses and farms for research and identification purposes.  A couple of suitable commercial businesses and farms were identified to provide the necessary sustainability (finances and food) for the humanitarian developments, such as orphanages and old age homes in the future.

Business Cases/Plans with due diligence schedules were compiled and also included the minimum human resource infrastructure (Organizational structure), the annual budgets and equipment required to implement such a vast project. Our leadership team committed themselves to the process and offered to resign immediately from their own day jobs as soon as the funds would become available.  Many other ministry groups joined in the process and submitted their respective projects.

The Plan: 

The main concept was formulated around the fact that more than 40 Chiefs from the Venda district has given/offered a minimum of 10ha of land (with a PTO – “permission to operate”) to us, to construct the following:

  •       A multi purpose community center;
  •       This facility was also to be used by the “to be established” new church (congregation) in that area as well as for other community needs;
  •       The local pastor would take control of the usage of such facility and also provide spiritual guidance to the people according to the Word of God;
  •       An Orphanage for at least 20 boys and 20 girls in separate houses being overseen by two couples as their “parents”;
  •       An old age home for the elderly who do not have any people looking after them, with frail care and Hospice facility included;
  •       A mobile clinic to provide in the vast need in medical care to the community.
  •       Phase 2 would have included a private Christian School for about 200 children with sports fields, etc.
  •       The facility would have operated completely on solar power and even bio-power from all the garbage.

During our waiting period for the funds to be released, we even constructed a proposed scale model of such a facility.

The Bishop eventually arrived in South Africa and the projects were scaled down to only 7 community complexes in Venda to start off with, to a total value of about $220 – million, which included a well selected portfolio of commercial farms/businesses to provide future sustainability of it all.  Business Plans were rewritten many times to accommodate the changes being requested (even a new format of business plan) from the USA. The final plan would not only have secured sustainability of the complexes, but would have secured self-sustainability for the Organization, whereas it would have placed us in a position to enlarge and increase our footprint with the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We would have increased the multi-purpose complexes annually from our own funding and without the need to motivate or ask for further grants towards these humanitarian projects from the foundation.

Everything was in place – or so we thought!  When and where money is involved, the greed and power factor will always be around and we could see it slowly but surely creeping in. We heard and have seen horrendous stories of how people would manipulate a situation and even to the point where they do not want it for themselves, but they just wanted to deny you of the blessings.  But God is our witness and we know for sure that if these funds became available,  it would have given this Organization such a massive boost to proclaim the Word of God in South Africa and even beyond our borders, that it would have made our heads spin, as well as those of the mega church organizations with millions of Rand in investments.

Please follow the next delivery of this important message and lessons to be learned from how to deal with disappointment. 

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