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Remember, we are not fasting, in the strictest sense of the word—from food. But we are ‘fasting’ (giving up, abstaining) from wrong ways of thinking. Proverbs 23:7 says, “As a man thinks within, so is he.” Our life, our actions, our destinies are determined by THE WAY WE THINK. So, let’s get to the root, thinking in alignment with God’s Word, and we will experience the God-kind-of life—superabundant in quantity and superior in quality. (John 10:10)

Today we are ‘fasting’ from the thought that says: “It’s just not fair. God’s not fair.”

We’ve all wondered—why does one person prosper, while another struggles to just get by. One person lives to be 100, another tragically dies at 16. One parent has a perfectly healthy child, while another has a child who is constantly ill or diseased. What about some being born in a bountiful land such as America, while others are born in Burma?

Folks, we live in a fallen world, affected by the sin of Adam and Eve, and thrown out of kilter from God’s original plan. As a result, imperfect health, weather, imperfect DNA, air, etc., has permeated the earth. We are all born with imperfect circumstances—some obvious, and some more subtle; but God gives us all a NEW BEGINNING, the day we are born again. Until that time, unfairness and imbalance will remain. But in JESUS CHRIST, God’s goodness and fairness is made available to everyone.

Let’s fast from the thinking that God is not fair, or life is not fair to us…Here’s how:

1. God’s promises are available to whosoever believes. (John 3:16) It’s been said, every cloud has a silver lining—well, every problem has a promise from God to overcome it. (2 Corinthians 1:20. 1 Corinthians 10:13) There is a promise for every problem, for every tragedy, for everything we will ever face. Believe it! Trust His name: Jehovah Jireh—your provider.

2. Overcome what’s in front of you. You don’t have anyone else’s battles. You only have to win your own battle. Don’t measure fairness by what others are going through or what others have.

3. Recognize the nearness of God. He is present with you. Psalm 73:28 NASB says, “But as for me, the nearness of God is my good….” It wasn’t fair what Joseph’s brothers did to him; but God was with him, and he overcame. (Genesis 39:1-2) Your trial or trouble or tragedy is no match for God’s presence. God’s presence far outweighs what life has dealt you. Trust in His name: Jehovah Shammah—the Lord is with you.

4. Expect God will right every wrong. (Romans 12:19) He will avenge His children who have suffered unfairly—Luke 18:8.

5. Overcome evil with good. (Romans 12:21) You must see the inequities (those things that have happened in life that weren’t fair), as opportunities to make a difference. (Example: In 1999 missionary P.P. Job suffered the tragedy of his child being killed by fanatical Hindus in India. This wasn’t fair. And it wasn’t God’s will. The father was devastated, but rather than getting bitter, he started an orphanage for girls in a location that persecutes Christians and has no value for girls. But God! Today, hundreds of girls have been rescued and saved, because this missionary overcame evil with good, rather than letting the tragedy define his theology and his future.)

6. Don’t be afraid. Genesis 15:1 AMP says, “Fear not Abraham, I am your shield, your ABUNDANT COMPENSATION. Your reward shall be great!” Remember, you have a covenant with God (Galatians 3:29) If you belong to Christ, you are Abraham’s seed. Whatever He did for Abraham, He has promised He will do for you!


No matter what has happened in my life, God has given me promises to overcome it. His promises are to whosoever believes, and that means me! I am a believer, not a doubter.

I trust Jehovah Jireh, my provider. I refuse to measure what’s fair by comparison to others. I overcome what’s right in front of me with the Word of God. God’s presence is with me and in me. What I am facing right now is no match for the presence of God. Since the mountains melt like wax in His presence, I expect this negative experience to melt like wax beginning today.

I trust God to right every wrong. (Isaiah 42:16—He will make the crooked way straight). He will avenge the wrong that has been done to me. He will turn it around for good.

I choose to overcome evil with good. Therefore, no matter how unfair things may have seemed, God will make up for whatever has been lost. He is my abundant compensation. I have a covenant with God and therefore whatever He did for Abraham, He will do for me as well, In Jesus’ Name!

Until tomorrow,

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