We are preparing to depart on Friday for another outreach event on the Hope Farm (Tshipise district) and in Madimbo Village in Venda.

We are all so excited to go once again and spread this awesome message of hope from the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people in the rural areas.  According to feedback from the two churches is that they are still growing and a couple of people need to be baptized after they have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior during the past months.

Based upon the news flashes over the past few weeks of the “pastor” in the Pretoria area who deceives his congregation to eat grass, rats and even live snakes for “salvation & healing” purposes, we are fully aware of the massive burden on our shoulders to identify, equip and train suitable people as shepherds of their flock and to oversee that they preach and practice ONLY the truth of the Word of God.

We will report back on our outreach as soon as possible and also visit our Facebook page of Galilee International Ministries.

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