This little church belonging to Galilee Ministries was born and planted from our very first Outreach on the Hope Farm in the Tshipise district in May 2013. The membership of the church has grown to 75 people who attend the worship services on a regular basis.

To understand the true picture behind the birth and growth of this church, one must then also recognize that most of the people are seasonal workers and only in the area during the citrus season between April and September every year.

Hope Training May 2014 373They do not have a formal place of worship but hold their meetings under a tree when conducting their Sunday services. They can only utilize the citrus storage facility for 6 months of the year during the ‘off-season’. Notwithstanding this, we continue to experience spiritual growth amongst the members which leave us both excited and in awe of the work that God is doing among the people. At first, the men came forward to give their hearts to the Lord but when the seed of the Gospel continued to grow and bear fruit it caused their wives, brothers and friends to seek the Lord and became born again. Over this weekend, we saw firsthand how it has truly permeated throughout entire households to include their children, even as young as 12 years old, to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.


We surprised the leaders with new T-shirts with our ministry logo on the back and they proudly wore it to service on Sunday. With our previous visit in March, the leadership requested suitable training material which they can utilize in their midweek and also Sunday meetings. This request was also a sign to us that the people want to grow spiritually and that we needed to provide more teachings on a regular and faster basis. Due to this a lot of specific training material, some of which is from our first year Bible College course, was provided and Past David Miles surprised them with a few boxes full of Christian literature. The same material was also handed out in Madimbo.

Once again on Sunday 15 August we held a baptism service and Pastor David Miles had the privilege of baptizing another 9 members.

20150816_143429_HDRWhen we look at the commission of Christ to the disciples “to go forth and make disciples and baptize them…” we recognize that it is only one aspect of it all, but there is also the important part “to teach them”. Consequently is it so much more important for us to continue the work up North and provide leadership training, to provide specific training material with which they can continue on a weekly basis, to identify and empower specific new leaders in the community who will take the message of the Gospel further and to govern the church according to the principles from the Word. When we see and hear of active false pastors; prophets; and apostles who prophesy lies in the name of God; teach their people to eat grass and drink petrol for healing and to eat snakes, just to name a few; then we understand the importance and burden on our shoulders to teach them correctly and empower them with the true Holy Spirit and with the gift of discernment.

books 3

We also would like to thank Pastors David & Tracey Miles for the donation of all the spiritual literature and books that they provided to the churches.  Also to  Pastor Paul Louw from AFM Corpus Christi in Derdepoort, Pretoria for the donation of second hand clothing and shoes.  All books, Bibles and clothes were put in the care of the local pastor’s in Madimbo and Hope Farm for distribution as needed.

In the end, when we look back, we can only concur that the Lord Jesus is good and always faithful.  We can acknowlegde and agree with the slogan on our trailer that we continually have “Another successful delivery of the Gospel of Jesus Christ”!


When you see our truck and trailer on the way to deliver the mighty and unashamed Gospel of Jesus Christ, stop us for a chat or a cup of coffee. We would love to meet you! You are also welcome to register with our organisation and join us as a volunteer on our outreaches.

Do not be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for it is a power of God unto salvation, healing and deliverance. Proclaim it daily!


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