I recently came across the website of The Council for Secular Humanism. Well, I was stunned to say the least. Although I have enormous regard for the progress in science and technology, it seems that followers of secular humanism base their ‘faith’ on this. Yes, I said faith – To believe in something that will bring hope, change and a better future requires faith, and can be classified as a religion, even if you feel that human inventions through science and technology can bring about that change through your ‘optimism’.
They state the following under the heading Prospects for a Better Future: “For the first time in human history we possess the means provided by science and technology to ameliorate the human condition, advance happiness and freedom, and enhance human life for all people on this planet.”
Ameliorate – to make or become better, more bearable, or more satisfactory; improve; meliorate.

They also feel that they need to commit to natural science as a means to promote their “unique message on the current world.” They also state that they have “consistently defended the beneficent values of scientific technology” to improve the human condition and that “the increased power over nature” through science van contribute to human progress and happiness.

According to the council, “humanism is an ethical, scientific and philosophical outlook” that had an impact on the world in the past and it has its roots in the philosophers and poets of Greece, Rome, China and India. They also claim that “humanist artist, writers, scientists and thinkers” were responsible for the shape of the modern era, especially in the past 500 years. Also, “humanism and modernism have often seemed synonymous for humanist ideas and values express a renewed confidence in the power of human beings to solve their own problems and conquer uncharted frontiers.”

Their Ethics and Reason is stated below:
“The realization of the highest ethical values is essential to the humanist outlook. We believe that growth of scientific knowledge will enable humans to make wiser choices. In this way there is no impenetrable wall between fact and value, is and ought. Using reason and cognition will better enable us to appraise our values in the light of evidence and by their consequences.”

The writer states: “Finally, and perhaps most importantly, as members of the human community on this planet we need to nurture a sense of optimism about the human prospect. Although many problems may seem intractable, we have good reasons to believe that we can marshal our talent to solve them, and that by goodwill and dedication a better life will be attainable by more and more members of the human community. Planetary humanism holds forth great promises for humankind. We wish to cultivate a sense of wonder and excitement about the potential opportunities for realizing enriched lives for ourselves and for generations yet to be born.”

The Council for Secular Humanism now offers a “Planetary Bill of Rights” that would imply to all members of the human species.

My thoughts

  • The humanist movement is making gods of science, technology and humans in order to provide a ‘better future.’ The Problem: man is lacking control – whether you are theological, philosophical, atheist or humanist – if you put him in a controlling position he will change even the humanist manifesto to benefit himself.
  • What will the humanists do if religion, mythology and theology do not go along with their ideas? Will they still have a ‘place’ for those members of the human species who hold on to their traditional beliefs, or would they be branded as misfits, or even heretics? Would there be humane or inhumane reactions?
  • Can we trust technology and science to bring happiness and peace to the human race if technology had its greatest boosts during wartimes? How can the instruments of war benefit the human race in future?

I am not making a statement today in relation to my faith, that will soon follow.
Maybe you would like to give your thoughts on this?

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John Sutton · February 20, 2009 at 12:41 am

You have an imaginary friend, so why should I take you seriously. You believe in risible fairy tales so why should I accept anything you say without material evidence. You are just a nuisance, a hindrance and a joke. If you did not have the potential to be dangerous I would ignore you.

CatchTheFire! · February 20, 2009 at 5:28 am

Interesting! I would rather be a joke to you in this current life than a fool in eternity!

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