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The Musina Crusade was a huge success. The ministry team left Pretoria at around 14:00 on Friday, 27 February. We arrived in Musina at around 19:30.
We met up with Pastor Hannes, Pastor Eric and Brother Dave at the Jesus Christ Church in Nancefield, Musina.

The Ministry team and leaders of the Jesus Christ Church

The Ministry team and leaders of the Jesus Christ Church

The first service has already started and we were welcomed by the congregation.

It is amazing to see the people in that area praising the Lord spontaneously. There is a great passion among the people of Musina to serve God with all their hearts.

Many people came out for prayers and encouragement at the end of the service.

Saturday morning the team sorted and packed the Bibles and toys that were donated. We spent some time enjoying each others company.
At 16:30 we left for Nancefield again and the Crusade started gaining momentum. Pastor Hannes, Pastor Moses and a few of the brethren set out to go through the streets to hand out tracts and spread the Gospel.

The presence of the Lord could be felt strongly in the church. The service came to a climax when many came to repentance and accepted Christ as Savior. At this time 8 people decided that they needed to be baptized.
Near the end of the meeting the team could hand out Bibles to those who did not have any. This was met with great excitement.
The day was started with a baptismal service at 9:00. Besides the 8 that decided that they wanted to be baptized on Saturday evening, another 5 people were added.
The normal morning service only commenced at around 11:00 in stead of the planned 10:00 but this did not quench the enthusiasm of the people. Once again we handed out Bibles and also toys for the children.

We had the opportunity to pray for the people in every service.

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