Speaking to 16 couples and some single persons that are part of the leadership of Galilee International Ministries and other invitees, Bishop Samuel Smith, chairman of the AWCF made an urgent call for the restoration of unity in the church today. Just as Jesus prayed, “Father, that they may be one, as we are one” in John 17:17 we also need to be one in the church.
This summary can not really bring justice to all he said, but I hope that I can convey the main thoughts of this great man of God to you with this article.

Bishop Samuel Smith on the ministers
Ministers are called not be popular, rich or famous, but saints unto the ministry. There is a saying among the American preachers that the shepherds don’t bare lambs, but the sheep bare the lambs. This is all great if it is to encourage people to reach the lost, but the leaders need to be servants and should lead by example. The leaders should equip and lead the sheep.

Bishop Smith also quoted from Dan 11:32 ” ..but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.

One Goal, one purpose
Bishop Smith said that we should all have one goal: Worldwide Revival!

He took various examples from Scripture that God called an abomination. He also said that God puts discord into the same category as homosexuality and that this is an abomination in God’s sight. People that cause division and separation are doing the exact opposite than what the Word declares, they are opposing unity

An abomination is something that God despises – we have to despise what God despises. We have to hate what God hates and love what He loves.
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WE MUST BE ONE! We have to serve each other, turn the other cheek.

Carry and pick each other up! Have to break bread and wash each other’s feet.

Stop talking about what we going to do, but DO it!

Without a vision, the people perish. When we have a divided vision – it is division.

We need to stand in unity and get over our divisions and issues. We all need to come to the unity of faith. We do not need to fight over our separate points. There can be diversity without division. Paul and Barnabas also had issues – just as we have: but when the time was right Paul called for Barnabas again.

The weight of the Cross
He also told a story about a reporter that visited an actor who was taking part in a play about the life of Christ. At some stages the reported asked if he could carry the cross that the actor had to carry. He picked it up and almost fell under the weight. He then asked the actor: How come you don’t use a fake cross, something made of polystyrene or a light weight material. The actor replied: How can I know the burden Jesus had for us if I do not know the weight of the cross?”

The Keys of the Kingdom
We have the keys of the Kingdom. What are we going to do with the keys? Let’s get the job done! We need to stop talking and start doing.

We have got to start praying! PUSH: Pray until something happens

A new Generation
Bishop Smith said that he feels that a new race, a new generation of people is coming to the forefront – A merger, a creation at the right time. Time is demanding a people, not ordinary people, but a new breed, made for the last day, a special race, that takes God’s Word and uses it to reach the lost. He said that he learned one thing from sport. You always save your best players for the last part of the game. God has saved the best for last. We are living in the last days and we are the best for this time. He did not save us for the rime of Paul, He saved us for a time like this.

God give our ministers such an anointing! If we had to turn off everything, we could still have revival! Sometimes we have the sound tracks and the videos and all the technology. And this all good, but sometimes we need to unplug things and SEE GOD!!!

We need to humble ourselves, be in one accord!

Prophetic Word

For too long you have been fearful – too many of my people have retreated to the back of the cage, turning your face to the floor of the cave, waiting for rescue. That is not My will for you to turn your face to the floor. Today I will take you by the hand and take you out of the cave. You say, no, Lord, there is danger! I will take you Myself. I will bring you to the top of the mountain. At the top of the mountain I will give you a sword and a trumpet. The sword to prevail over evil. No weapon formed against you, shall prosper. The trumpet to proclaim my Word. The world will know you are Mine and see the exploits you do with the sword and the trumpet and obey. Do no longer retreat to the back of the cave, no matter what your motive may be. I will justify and protect you. I say: Go forth! Fear not the battle, even though the lightning may flash and the thunder may rumble. I will take your further; I will fight your battle. Fear not. Take the Trumpet and the Sword. Fear not, for I am with thee, sayeth the Lord!!!!!!!”

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