Today we’re fasting from thoughts of doubt, and attacking “doubt” with our faith. “I doubt that could happen.” “No way!”, etc.


Jesus said, “Why did you doubt?” (Matthew 14:31).  Clearly, He believes in us, and in our ability to be free from doubt.


Let’s change it TODAY:


1. Discover the root of doubt.  Doubt comes when we judge our situation by what it looks like or what we feel, rather than by what God said. (2 Corinthians 5:7)

2. Understand the meaning.  Doubt means DOUBLE; to be divided in your mind.  We must CHOOSE to believe ONLY the Word of God.

3. Recognize the consequence of doubt—James 1:6-7.  The one who doubts CAN’T receive from God. 

4. Starve your doubt. When the thought of doubt comes, replace it with the exact opposite thought.  For example, the thought comes: I’m not sure I can overcome this.”  Replace it immediately with:  I am more than a conqueror; more than an overcomer through Him who loves me. Romans 8:37.

5. Be child-like. Don’t over-analyze. A child does not doubt.  You never hear 3 or 4 years old say, “No way.” They haven’t let reason and intellect, and life experiences dampen their faith.  See yourself as a child–A child of God. Accept what He says, and get rid of the “no way’s.”

6.  Purify yourself in a NEW way.  It’s not about purifying from all wrong behaviors. It’s purifying from all doubt. Washing ourselves with the pure water of Gods promises. (Eph. 5:26)



I attack doubt today by choosing to believe what God says, regardless of what I see or feel. I will not be of those who don’t receive from God.  I feed my faith with the Word and starve my doubts. I reject the reasonings and logic that contradict the Word and I read the promises of God to wash my mind and heart of all doubt, in Jesus’ Name!

The Fast from wrong thinking is a revolutionary approach to identify and conquer thought patterns, mindsets and mentalities at work to defeat you. Over 50,000 people have joined. You can find archives and videos at that will further help change you from the inside out built on the foundation of God’s Word

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