“How do I get my people excited about the Lord again?”  This is a general Question that Pastors all over are asking.  Pastors are getting weary and becoming discouraged by the lack of enthusiasm amongst their members and are reverting to every “trick in the book” to keep their assemblies afloat.  Just about every “church growth” program has been employed; every “how to” book has been studied and yet there is still no sign of enthusiasm or excitement among the members.

So, what is the answer

We do not need…

v     New methods

v     Religious rock concerts

v     New theology

v     New Bibles

v     Modern buildings

v     Doctorate degrees

v     Spectacular entertainment

v     User friendly compromising preaching

So?  What DO we need?

We need….

v     Spirit empowered preachers

v     Spirit empowered youth leaders

v     Spirit empowered Sunday school teachers

v     Spirit empowered soul winners

v     Spirit empowered parents

v     Spirit empowered husbands and wives

v     Spirit empowered ushers

v     Spirit empowered deacons

v     Spirit empowered teenagers

v     Spirit empowered adults

v     We need to be Spirit empowered born again believers



The Spirit of God is our ONLY hope of fruitfulness and usefulness.  Without Him, we are absolutely powerless and helpless.


Let us join hands and desperately start praying for the True Power of God to return!

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