I’m singing   ¯¯¯and dancing, shouting for joy and exhibiting enormous signs of happiness , if you didn’t know me you would think I am as mad as a hatter.


NOW………… let me tell you why so that you can also exhibit enormous signs of happiness too and everyone around you will also think that you too are as mad as a hatter!!  



I went for another sonar scan and ALL the lesions (tumours) in my liver are GONE! YES GONE, DISSAPEARED, VANISHED, NON EXISTENT! just in case you didn’t get it the first time around.


The Radiologist couldn’t’believe it, he must have spent more than 30min making sure because they were there 2 months ago. I told him it’s a miracle and reminded him of our last conversation that I am busy going into remission. NO more cancer!


I have attached the sonar dated 17 March 2009 where the lesions were still visible and attached is the latest report where there is absolutely NOTHING.  


Also on 15 Nov 2008 I had a chest x-ray where they said there was a spot on my lung between the 6 and 7th rib, see for yourself the latest report of the x-ray which shows that there is NO metastatic disease visible.  How great is that!!!!


Yes, the chemo has played a big role in doing it’s work BUT I give God ALL the honour and glory for this miracle and I want to THANK YOU ALL for your prayers because they have been answered.


Today I saw my oncologist, I was grinning like a Cheshire cat.  On the way in we met our very special friends Charles and Lorraine in the reception area, they  have both been through the treatment regime, sadly Charles’s tumour markers are up again and has to undergo more tests with the possibility of surgery to his liver again.  Please keep him in your prayers.


This dampened my spirits and I felt so guilty celebrating my victory when he was waiting to discuss his uncertain future with the oncologist.  As I was sharing my new found glory with them I saw the faces of all the patients sitting in the waiting room listening to my news, I could see the sadness in their eyes even though they were smiling with me, because their stories are very different to mine, my heart cried out to them because it didn’t feel like celebrating unless we could all celebrate together, we may not know each other but we share a very special friendship as we are all in the same boat and understand each other’s pain and suffering.


My oncologist said that my bloods are for the third week too low for chemo the neutrophils are 0.60 range is from 2.00-7.50 and my lymphocytes are 0.59 range 1.00-4.00 but what was good was that my platelets were 77 a week ago and now that have shot up to 243 range 150-450.  I was worried that I may require a platelet transfusion but now that is not necessary.


As my body is taking strain big time with the chemo Dr is going to reduce the dose for a second time and he is giving me a two week break to give my body a chance to get stronger before we complete the next two cycles (4 chemo’s). Then we will do the PET scan to make sure that I am in remission, I will then go on maintenance of possibility 1 chemo p/annum.


Every time we have had good news Mark and I bought lovely chocolate cake for the oncology centre and today was no different we celebrated in true chocolate cake style.


Spread the news God is in the business of miracles!! Thank you for sharing my journey with me!!!!!


Lots of love and hugs  Connie

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