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Bishop, Dr. Benjamin Elunga W'Elunga · March 21, 2018 at 6:16 am


Praise the Lord,

We have been very happy to get your Bible  College information on internet about how you are really working, so it’s really makes us feel very pleased and it’s why we’ve taken this opportunity to write to you.

We’re Naivera Apostolic Church, and we’re Congolese refugees we are in Tanzania especially in Nyarugusu camp Kasulu Kigoma region.

The camp has more than 100.000 people and also has more than 100 churchs in it.

Regarding the interest of people to learn the word of the Lord, we decided to open the Bible school, but those getting diplomas from our Bible School are so many but still haven’t got any opportunity to carry on with their studies due to the lack of Bible college here in the camp.

For that reason, we would humbly come to you asking for  PARTNERSHIP with your  Bible College, so that those who’re getting their diplomas should go ahead with their studies.

We have every confidence that you’ll answer our request.

On behalf of the Naivera Apostolic  Church, 
Bishop, Dr. Benjamin Elunga W’Elunga

Gert Steenkamp · March 22, 2018 at 9:30 pm

Good day. thank you for reaching out to us. I will send you an email to understand how we can meet your needs.
Past Gert Steenkamp

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