Galilee Ministries and its Partners have a burden to make a difference in people’s lives and are therefore actively involved with outreaches and support in various areas/countries. In our quest to change people’s lives in a three-fold manner (body, mind and spirit), we established the following project name and logo for our Annual Projects:


Research and Observations:

The past four years found us busy with evangelical outreaches in the Limpopo Province (Musina & Venda districts) of South Africa – and especially in the rural areas where the poor would say; “these people are poor”.  

Housing Venda (150x100)Venda is situated on the North/Eastern side of South Africa, it borders a large part of the Kruger National Park and this is also one of most beautiful areas of South Africa, very fertile and rich in a variety of fruit. It is like the fruit basket of the country.

We have travelled thousands of kilometers during the most part of 2010/11 period across South Africa as part of our endeavor to identify, analyze and compile suitable humanitarian projects into Business Cases for purposes of funding from an international Foundation. The objective of these projects was to immediately enhance the quality of life and raise the national standard of living through job creation, humanitarian and infrastructure development projects as well as other awareness campaigns. Unfortunately nothing came from our hard work and personal dedication and expenses.

However, we have learned a lot from this exercise and gained a great deal of experience through it all and also made a couple of new friends along the way. Although our main focus areas will be in the Messina, Venda, Gaanspan (Jan Kempdorp) and Middelburg (Mpumalanga) districts of South Africa, we are fully aware of the need amongst other minority groups where hundreds of white people are staying in nothing else than squatter camps around the Pretoria area alone. We regularly receive requests for support from ministries across South Africa and even beyond our borders and our motto is; “where there is Godly vision, there will also be Godly provision”.

An overview of the statistical demographics (2001 census) of this district in regard to education; disability; unemployment, income, etc. reveal a disturbing picture of the situation on hand. While a very high rate of immorality, molestation & rape, alcoholism & drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, TB infections and even child labor exist in these areas, the opportunities to develop and make a difference in people’s lives are endless. We have seen children walk at least 4km’s to school one way because there is no public or school transport available, except for the very expensive taxis.

Water child (150x107)

Young children, who can hardly even push a wheelbarrow, go to a nearby river 3-5 km’s away on a daily basis to collect water. And so we can continue!

Our annual Project Baobab Plan is available on the “Projects List & Funding”-page and it will provide detail of all identified projects that we would like to focus on.  I am inviting you to become a Sponsor with Galilee International Ministries (SA) by donating a minimum amount per month into our account on a debit order system, or to donate/sponsor an amount or one specific item that is required per project. There are also other categories of partnership/sponsorship that you might be interested in and full details are available on the “Membership ” page.

 And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.” (Isa 6:8)

I thank you for your prayers and would welcome any donation, prayer support, volunteer work or any other support to help us achieve the objectives as set out above.

Regards in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ,

 Prof. Eric J Heath (D.Th; Ph.D.)                                                                                     President






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