Every year when the latest pass rate figures for Grade 12’s are released, we wonder why the pass rate is still so low in this modern world of education today. Yes we have heard the allegations of handbooks not reaching the students on time, teachers being more on sick leave than being in class, but what we have seen with our own eyes could very well be the reason or at least a major contributing factor behind the low pass rate.

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The general conditions of some of the classrooms in primary and secondary schools in South Africa is really in an appalling condition and most definitely not conducive for teaching, let alone for the students to receive teaching from. We can now point fingers to the government and the Department of Education for not doing their job, or to the thousands of children who went through these classrooms over the past 20 years or so. Most definitely have they also contributed to the poor conditions of the classrooms by breaking the ceilings, light fittings, desks and chairs, by stealing the electrical cables of the lights and writing all sorts of messages on the walls.  A total lack of maintenance and funding for it is also at play here.

But turning a blind eye…

will not resolve the problem. Maybe that is a contributing factor why we have generations of young people across communities who like to break and destroy the property of others just because they can or when they have a bone to pick about some issue on hand in their communities. They did it in school and now continue to do so in their communities.

We do believe that we can and should make a difference in the lives of one generation – even if it is only a small percentage of them, by teaching them the value of responsibility but also to show that we care about them to finish their school year on a high note. Therefore, we have introduced the Adopt –a- Classroom”- project in view of the urgent need in the upgrading of local school classrooms.

The main purpose is to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of young children because we care and through this project we invite sponsors or groups of volunteers who would like to “adopt” a specific classroom(s) in a rural school to:

  • Upgrade/refurbish the facilities;
  • Mentor the children on a variety of subjects , such as:
    • Sound personal values,
    • Personal responsibility,
    • Study techniques;
    • Healthy lifestyle,
    • Christian principles, etc.
  • Monitor the activities and exam results of this particular class for a year or more.  To track and monitor the progress of each student in the identified classes as we implement the various processes, in order to determine the total value of the project.

The strategy is not just to provide or upgrade the facilities, but to get the community and school children completely involved in the projects and to cultivate a culture of responsibility for what they receive, while we will manage, mentor and monitor the utilization of all sponsored items per project


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