This invitation is open…..

to all people who feel they would like to make a difference in other people’s lives – even if it is only for this one year.

You can do so by becoming part of Galilee’s SOS-crew (Support team) or a Partner as we intend to do it across all nations, cultures and other areas in South Africa. With each small gesture that we do, we will put a smile on someone’s face to indicate their happiness and thankfulness, which for us is the fulfilment of the Word of God in our lives. It is God’s love in action through us as His children on earth. I would therefore like to invite you to become a Volunteer or Missions Sponsor with Galilee International Ministries (SA) by donating a minimum of R50 (now less than $5) per month into our account on a debit order system, or you can decide to donate/sponsor one specific amount or one item per project that is required. There are also other categories of partnership/sponsorship that you might be interested in and full details are available on our website, just by scrolling down to the Membership ” page under “About”. Our banking details are as follows:

  •                 Bank:                                     ABSA
  •                 Branch:                               Ben Swart street, Pretoria
  •                 Branch Code:                      8470
  •                 Account Type:                   Cheque/Current
  •                 Name of Account:       Galmin Humat Projects
  •                 Account no.                    407 638 4715
  •                 Swift code:                        ABSAZAJJ   /  Sort code: 632005
  •                 Ref. no.                                  GAMP15/ …your name ….

Please send a mail to with your full contact details and proof of payment in order for us to send you a letter of appreciation and welcoming you as part of our support team. If you continue to deposit the R 50 per month (or any higher amount as you desire) for at least 12 months, we will issue a certificate in your personal or company/group name to certify that you are a valid and valuable Missions Sponsor in our quest to make a difference in people’s lives. We are also registered as a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) and tax certificates could be provided for all donations received, if so required. Volunteers will be welcomed to assist with:

  • The next humanitarian development project or an evangelical outreach;
  • The feeding schemes (teaching and growing of vegetables, etc.)
  • To provide awareness campaigns to the local school and communities on subjects such as Life Skills; AIDS; TB; general health care & hygiene, etc.
  • To launch plays and videos in proclaiming the life and Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • The possibilities to transform just one child or even communities are just endless.

We will structure any development program based upon the available funding and in such a manner that it would be cost effective, sustainable and to give a sound “return on investment” through the very people who benefitted from it at first. The “return on investment” that we are talking about here is not measured in Rand’s and Cents, but rather in the development of the people and in the transformation of the communities. They need to be taken through a paradigm shift, equipped with new skills and provided job opportunities in order to take care of themselves and their families and to contribute in general to the rest of the community and the local economy. I thank you for your prayers and would welcome any donation, prayer support, volunteer or any other support to help us achieve the above objectives for the next year. May God bless you. Prof. Eric J. Heath (D.Th; Ph. D.)                                                                     President: Galilee International Ministries (SA)

Projects List – 2015:

 We have established an annual project plan for 2015 and identified specific low cost aspects where we can make a major difference in people’s lives. The following table summarise the project and funding required:

Project Baobab plan:

Project Number:

Project Description

Funding Required Annual Budget



(R 11 : $1)

Capital Project Budget (Capex):
GPB-C/15/001 Feeding scheme:

  • Provide two water tanks (10 000 liter) and pipes for a start-up food project;
  • Tunnels (3) – providing protection against elements of nature
  • Seed for food project
  • Includes parts, delivery and installation
27 000 (2)30 000 (3) 2 4552 730
GPB-C/15/002 Feeding Scheme (2):

  • Drilling of a borehole for fresh water and irrigation
  • Includes pump; pipes and security measures for protection of equipment
50 000 (2) 4 545
GPB-C/15/003 Adopt-A-Classroom Project

  • At least two classrooms for a start in a local village
  • Includes repairs of ceiling, floor, desks and chalk board as well as painting of walls
  • Introduce the Mentor/adoption scheme;
20 000 1 818
GPB-C/15/004   Distribute school stationary:

  • Such as pens, erasers, books; pencils;
  • Some children in classrooms have only ONE pencil to write with and they all have to wait in order to use it.
2 000 230
GPB-C/15/005   Distribute clothes and blankets;

  • To the very needy and poor people in the rural districts of South Africa
  •  All clothing and blankets will be distributed on trips to areas
All donations  All donations
GPB-C/15/006 Equipment required for projects:

  • High top trailer to transport tent, chairs, sound and other equipment for evangelical outreaches;
  • DVD player and DVD’s (Jesus Film) & multi-media projector
R 20 000R 6 000 2 500750
GPB-C/15/007 Provision of tents for Ministry purposes:

  • Provide tents to selected pastors & evangelists for church and outreach purposes
  • Includes 2-pole tent and all equipment
  • Budget for 2-tents per year
50 000 (2) 4 545

Total estimated project funding involved

R 205 000 18 636
 Annual Operational Budget (Opex):
 GPB-O/15/051   Sponsorship for Galilee Ministry:

  • To support 3 pastors full-time in ministry;
  • Secretarial & Admin Services
  • Administration; Communication & Storage
432 00084 00060 000 39 2707 6405 455
 GPB-O/15/052    Evangelical Outreaches & Tent planting:

  • Conduct at least 3 main outreaches to various points across South Africa within a 500km reach.
  • Distribute Bibles and tracts and show the Jesus film through evangelical outreaches;
  •  Develop new outreach points and plant at least 2 new churches;
  • Identify and equip 10 new leaders through our BinaH Bible College to serve the community in their spiritual need of the Word of God
(R 10 000for 5-day event)R 30 000  R 30 000 (Annually) (900 per event)R 2 730  2 727
GPB-O/15/053  Bible Distribution Project:

  • Annual purchase of Bibles
  • Only 3 languages – 150 each per year (@ full price)
  • Regular distribution to venue points & expo’s
36 000 3 270

Total estimated project funding involved

672 000 $ 61 092
Future Projects in line:
Development of a Camp site:

  • Legal documentation for utilization of property
  • Development/upgrading of camping facilities
  • Upgrading of Admin facilities
  • To conduct Marriage Seminars; Family camps; upliftment of Pastors in ministry;
Bursary: Student funding for BinaH College from Southern Africa countriesAt least 7 students (or per student)    
Provision of Tents to plant churches    

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David P J Joubert · May 10, 2017 at 9:12 am

Dear brother/sister.
I’m Pastor David Joubert from Wartburg South Africa.Would you please send me a debit order for the deduction of R50,00 per month to your account for the next 12 months.I would love to be a part of the origination that you represent, I don’t have my own ministry as yet but I collect Bibles,clothes to distribute amongs the rural community. My wife sells second hand clothes to buy food for a feeding scheme.I want to start my own ministry soon.

Alice kibi · June 12, 2017 at 8:05 pm

I am asking for tent donation to hold meetings/ counseling for the youth in my area. I am in need of 10m by 5m tent and 50 chairs . I will be happy to get such a help

matise · October 14, 2017 at 6:19 pm

Dear Pastor
Greetings in Jesus’s name
we ask help in our ministries for many things like sound system is more important and other we will see when we going

Thanks God help you
Matise Mosoane

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