I really would like to invite you to become a

Missions Sponsor

with Galilee International Ministries (SA) by donating a minimum of R50 (less than $ 5) per month into our account on a debit order system for a period of one year or longer.

  • If you continue to deposit the R 50 per month (or any higher amount as you desire) for at least 12 months, we will issue a certificate in your personal or company/group name to certify that you are a valid and valuable Missions Sponsor in our quest to make a difference in people’s lives.
  • Seeing that we are also registered as a Non Profit Organization (NPO), tax certificates could also be provided for all donations received, if so required.
  • A Membership certificate per category will be issued to all members on an annual basis.

Please complete the box below or on the “Connect”-page  with your contact details and we will then forward you the application forms and/or banking details of the group.

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