Recognizing the fact that we are mostly working in the Limpopo Province (Musina & Venda); Mpumalanga Province (Middelburg; and in future perhaps Ermelo and Standerton) and Gauteng Province (Pretoria and Krugersdorp), we are inviting Volunteers to participate and assist with:

The next evangelical outreach as part of the SOS-crew:

  • Setting up the tent and equipment;
  • Praying for people with altar calls;
  • Teaching and training of new community leaders;
  • Preparing of food for the outreach team;
  • To launch plays and videos in proclaiming the life and Gospel of Jesus Christ;
  • Packing and unpacking of tent and equipment;
  • Safe guarding of assets; etc.

The next humanitarian development project:

  • Establishment of feeding schemes (with water tanks, boreholes and teaching and growing of vegetables, etc.)
  • Upgrading classrooms in a local village school to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of young children in the following manner:
    •  Introducing an “adoption” scheme where a Missions Sponsor / Group could “adopt and mentor” a classroom in a specific school
    • To identify the critical need for upgrading, establishment of a project proposal with funding and finally conducting the upgrading;
    • To conduct various awareness campaigns in the class and sensitize the children on aspects of responsibility, health and study methods;
    • To provide awareness campaigns to the local school and communities on subjects such as Life Skills; AIDS; TB;  general health & hygiene, etc.
    • To follow the activities and results of this particular class for the year and measure the performance due to the upgrading; More about this later.

Please complete the box below or on the “Connect”-page  with your contact details and we will then forward you the application forms and/or banking details of the group.


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