Curriculums are available through ON-LINE studies with regular “Enhancement workshops” at various “campuses” to enrich the insight and understanding of the lectures.

The programs are practical, of high quality and will equip and empower the future leaders of Christian communities. The course material is updated regularly in order to stay ahead of the changing Christian environment and to remain relevant in the 21st Century world.

Formal On-line Curriculum:

  • Another feature identified with the property of the Hebrew word “binah”, is the ability to understand, explain and expound concepts to others. With this in mind, Binah Bible College will seek to teach, provide insight and understanding and also to equip the students to be able to convey, to interpret and to teach others on the real meaning of the Word.
  • Students who apply for the different study curriculums will find they will have to study the Word of God as this course is NOT a mere accumulation of worthless data – it will be a practical course for selecting and equipping people for the ministry work in the field .

Other workshops:

  • Workshops and team building events with a practical content can be conducted on site for a specific church group or leadership of Organisations.
  • The following workshops and events are available and will be conducted with full participation of all delegates in a practical and fun way, while learning is facilitated through various methods and tools;
Teachings conducted in a practical workshop type setting
Unity in Leadership Baptism with the Holy Spirit Strategic Vision Business Plans & Org. Structures
Dealing with disappointment Discover your ministry and gifts Operational Ministry Tabernacle of Moses
Oneness of God(Wheel of Prophecy; Attributes; Names) Old Testament Typology(Instruments and Practices) Setting Ministry Objectives(Management by Objectives) Relationships: Growth to Maturity
The New Birth(Foundational series) Emotional Restoration Faith that is real(Faith in Action) 50-days of Breakthrough
Grace of God VS Law Character of the Pastor /Leader Authority in Prayer Develop Self Confidence
Righteousness of Christ The Feast of Tabernacles 7 Attributes of success Church Administration

These workshops (and others) can be conducted on site of a local pastor and will entail the required theory content but most of all practical exercises implemented in a workshop type of setting for a maximum learning experience.

Complete the box below or in the “Connect” page if you would like to book a specific workshop at your venue.

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