The objective of the College is that a student learns, not about the Bible, but learns the Bible as the Word of God and its relevant imbedded Biblical truths. All Certificates and Degrees received from the College via the University will be based upon applicable mandatory coursework and proficiency. It is expected from all students to apply self-discipline, comprehensive study and own insight throughout their entire course.   As a student completes each course, it should be e-mailed to the College for grading. The specific criteria for marking of all assignments as well as a minimum percentage criterion will apply and will be forwarded to each student upon application.

Some of our courses will require formal training sessions for practical studies and to monitor the progress of the students throughout the year. At least three scheduled training sessions should be attended at the students own cost for travelling and accommodation. These training sessions will be scheduled across South Africa in order to provide the training sessions closer to the students as far as possible.

All students will be required to complete at least one examination and two Assignments per subject, which could involve the answering of a set of questions, or to write an overview of a lesson or even to do research and compile a new explication in regard to a specific topic. Senior students will also be required to plan and implement a specific project as part of their leadership curriculum.

The final document submitted for approval would then be a demonstration of practice. The structure, focus and content of the student’s projects will take on a wide range of differing forms, appropriate to the actual area of ministry in which each is involved. The project will become a demonstration of practice or creative work, including a commentary on applied reflections.

Other information:

The academic year starts in February of each year and ends in the final week of November with a final graduation celebration in the first weekend of December. However, students may apply for the on-line studies and start with their courses any time of the year.

No certificates will be issued unless all required subjects (courses) have been completed in full. Only reports will be issued of all courses passed until all requirements have been met and all fees paid before any certificate, diploma or degree will be issued to any student.

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