Prof. Eric and Venetia Heath

Prof. Eric J. Heath with his wife Venetia, is the founding pastor couple of Galilee International Ministries (SA) in January 2009.  On 11 June 2015 it will be 21 years since the Lord has called him for the ministry, of which both him and his wife has served as Youth Leaders up to Senior Pastor of a local congregation for nearly 14 years.

At present Prof. Eric is busy preparing lectures and lecturing in BinaH Advanced Bible College under the endorsement of Therapon University and heads up the Department of Biblical Leadership of the College, of which he also serves as the Rector.

Their complete profile is available on the “Establishment Page” under “About”.

Profile - Frank and LorraineDr. Frank Kotze & Pastor Lorraine Kotze

Born in Krugersdorp it has been apparent that God has had His hand on Frank from a very early age. At 4 years old, he was involved in a hit and run accident which left him with several fractures and unconscious for 18 days and it was only due to prayer that he survived. He is married to Lorraine; they have 2 children  and 2 grandchildren and have lived in Krugersdorp for the past 17 years where they still reside.

He had a turbulent adolescence and at a youth camp got saved and called into ministry. As a result of this radical experience, he became an assistant youth leader, joined Bible College, became a licensed minister and achieved his Diploma in Theology in the Pentecostal Holiness Church.

Transferred to the mining area in Carletonville he ministered over the following 23 years in various churches in the area eventually traveling to the south of Johannesburg to a ministry in Southhills called El Shaddai. He was ordained in El Shaddai and held the position of the associate pastor there, till he left and joined another ministry on the West Rand. He was the principal of a Bible College before running his own ministry for 5 years. He has been to Kenya on ministry twice and has been involved in several outreaches here in South Africa.

Being ardent over biblical studies, he attained his Batchelor’s in Ministry, went on to get his Masters in Ministry and recently completed his studies in order to obtain a Doctorate in Theology (Th.D).  At present he is involved in lecturing in the Christian Heritage Church Bible School where he also attends church. He was recently appointed as the Department Head: Historical Theology for the BinaH Advanced Bible College and compiles lectures and also teach at the different College Campuses.

Born in Chingola, Northern Rhodesia, Lorraine came to South Africa as a youngster and lived with her grandmother till the age of 16. She then returned to Salisbury in Southern Rhodesia where she completed her scholastic education. It was also here that she gave her life to Christ and was baptized.

A very exuberant and colorful personality she was always involved with children in various supervisory roles. It’s due to this involvement that she gravitated into Children’s Ministry where she became a teacher and lecturer and has ministered in this capacity for over 20 years. She has written and produced a couple of plays and loves live theatre and shows. She has a passion for Praise and Worship, in particular, Worship dancing. She desires to see the Davidic Worship return to the Body of Christ.  She has a Bachelor of Ministry degree and has done a fair amount of counseling over the years. When she has the time she likes to do Scrapbooking.  Being a bit of an adrenalin junkie she has a bucket list of things she’d still like to accomplish.

At present they are both preparing lectures and lecturing in BinaH Advanced Bible College under the endorsement of Therapon University. Both of them are currently Department Heads in regards to Historical Theology and Operational Ministry of the College.


 Past Gert & Elize Steenkamp

After a short break, Past Gert and Elize took up their positions as valuable members of this Organization since April 2017 again.

Gert’s background includes work in the technical field and he is using the knowledge to assist in ministry work wherever possible. His love for music inspired him to learn playing the guitar and often used his talent for leading worship and also writing songs. He loves the Word of God and would often discover exciting revelations in the Word of God. He loves teaching and is a tutor and the registrar for Binah Advanced Bible College, the teaching department of Galilee International Ministries.

Elize’s passion is prayer, and God has used her in a prophetic sense many times.

Together their passion is to find better ways to make disciples and to teach disciples to make disciples! They strongly believe that the scripture ‘And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. (Mark 16:15-18)’ is still applicable to our day.

Past Gert is currently compiling a fresh approach to family worship and Household fellowships.

Dr. Koos & Natasha Van Zyl

They minister across many other ministries but also head up their own ministry of Sielefabriek in Randfontein.  They are now in the process of changing their ministry name to Galilee Jesus is Lord – ministries with Rom 8:19 as main theme.  Their profile and ministry detail will be added later.

We are all so excited with them to see what the Lord is doing in a very short period of time since November 2016 and are expecting a massive move from God in the very near future.

As Senior Pastor, Dr Koos is also mentoring three other pastors in his ministry and their profiles will be added below.

Past Jerry and Estelle de la Rouviere.

Jerry de la Rouviere was born in Durban, South Africa. At age 3 he was stricken by an unknown illness that almost cost his life. He spent more than 6 months in hospital before he recovered.

He got born again at age 13. At 16 he started giving Sunday school, and at 19 was appointed as provincial Sunday School Superintendent for Natal, South Africa.

He became youth leader at age 20 and was appointed as Sunday School superintendent for the whole of South Africa later that year. Two years later He was appointed as Youth Superintendent for South Africa.

He completed His Bible School at SABI, acted as assistant pastor in Durban for 10 years and then moved to Pretoria where he started working with Transnet as a trade hand.

Sr Estelle was born in Oudtshoorn. She was 75% born deaf, but her hearing was restored after a transplant. At age 4 she was on a ventilator because of a wrong diagnosis by a doctor. She spent 4 months in a coma and awoke when a preacher came to pray for her. She started her nursing career in 1986 and married Jerry in 1993.

Pastor Jerry is now the founding pastor of Word Aflame Ministries in Pretoria Gardens.
His wife, Estelle, their only son, Juan Pierre, and daughter in law Anelize, assists in the ministry with the Cell groups, teaching and music.

The De la Rouviere family has participated in Galilee Ministries Outreaches and loves to serve the community.

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