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Galilee Africa Missions Partnership (GAMP):

GAMP has been established with other church organizations; individual pastors (and their congregations) and independent ministries who do not want to become a full member of the organization, but still want to be involved in a joint venture with the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations in Africa.

The following groups/ ministries are current in Partnership with Galilee International Ministries:

Jesus Christ Church:

Bishop N E Dube

Bishop Dube has more or less 10 churches all over South Africa and also in Namibia.

  • Past. A Dube – Warrenton
  • Past.                                             – Musina
  • Past. Magawu – Mafikeng
  • Past. Kapia – Namibia
  • Evangelists:
    • Tsotetsi – Danneysville
    • Peers – Jankempdorp
    • Mpofu – Losasaneng  / Mammutla
    • Mokoena – Evaton
    • Okine – Johannesburg
    • Sithole – Mafikeng

Partnership in Missions is open to a local church, organisations and also individuals.  There is a registration and membership fee applicable.






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One thought on “GAMP – ministries”

  1. Dearest Beloved in Christ;

    Warm and holy Christian greetings to you in the powerful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, from Mindanao island, Philippines

    It’s a surprise perhaps when you receive this email. it’s my gratitude and honor if you can brotherly and lovingly spend a minute of your time reading this email from a follower of Christ also, like you, in spite of your hectic daily divine undertakings, Praise the Lord!
    Now it’s my pleasure and honor to introduce my humble self, I’m Bro. Lloyd J. Labus 33 years old, married to Elecon and gracefully blessed with one Son. My household devote special time together with some brethren here in ministering the Gospel among the people living in this big Island. Especially in the tribal villages. I am an independent minister of the Lord for the great commission and a Native Tribal Gospel Minister, discipler and church planters. We travel and ministering the Gospel of Christ and his Kingdom to high mountain villages in Central Mindanao Region. Our local church Fellowship located Bagong silang Pagsabangan, Davao del Norte. About us we are small Christian Ministry operating particular here in our island of Mindanao. Our main ministries are in the following: 1.) Tribal Evangelism 2. ) Church Planting, 3.) Discipleship training, 4. ) Tribal Crisis Center: catering minor problems of poor indigent tribal family, 5.) Food and Relief and distribution. Especially to the indigenous tribal people, to rescue them and giving them a ray of hope in Christ in these present life. By doing these small things in the Name of Christ, they will appreciate the goodness and love of God that was demonstrated by his Church.
    Furthermore, it is sad to say that 75% of our total population are idol worshipers, since this is the stronghold and deep ravine of the Tribal beliefs, and the Roman Catholicism. Most characteristic of the ‘indigenous tribal group of people ‘ is that they live in a traditional way, comparable with how the ancestors lived centuries ago. Most of them are still has their animistic religion. They believe in spirits who live on several places in the natural environment.

    The belief in the power of the spirits of ancestors and in the influence of more than one god, is strongly rooted in the hearts and minds of this tribal people. They also believe that all problems like illnesses, bad harvests and even the death, are due to their failure to satisfy the spirits,
    I know that we are in the same burden for the lost and dying souls, so we desperately need a strong support from you especially in prayers to battle against their spurious influence in order to win the lost souls to the body of Christ, we care because Jesus cares.
    In our daily endeavors, many times we encountered persecutions, trials and even empty stomachs, but we are not discouraged because we have deep compassion for the lost and dying precious fellowmen who are sadly blinded to know the Real Great Truths, painfully perishing and forever lost without ever knowing that the Lord Jesus Christ loves them so much. We feel burden in our hearts to win them to Christ before it is too late.

    The reason why I’m writing to you, because i was greatly moved with tears, being touch and was enlightened by the biblical and spiritual truth you preach and teach in your church as i visited in your website in the internet cafe. I thank God for the high and advance technology through the World Wide Web in the internet we found your church that teaches the real and genuine truth. How I wish that these new found truth you teach will be transmitted here in Mindanao Island. Praise God! For the real and genuine truth that has been restored in his church today through your church teachings that clings to the whole truth handed down by the holy prophets and apostles of old. I must tell you straight from the heart; I have been searches a lots of Church religious websites. But I’ve notice that most of them teaches 70% in the Bible and the rest are not in the Bible.

    Thank you Very much for you open the eyes of my understanding that encourage me more to remain faithful and obedience in the service of God. We wanted to join your church organization as your- church extension or a branch here in the Philippines at Large. So much the better if you can visit to us here in Mindanao and hold (3) days (Bible truth seminar) to equip and to encourage tribal pastors, workers and members.
    Lastly, may your church will be the answer of our longtime prayers to have a right connection to the church abroad that teaches real and genuine biblical truth.
    God bless you.

    Sincerely yours truly in Christ
    BRO. Lloyd J. Labus
    P.S. we are looking forward of your kind response

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