Dr Eric J. Heath (PhD) with his wife Venetia, is the founding pastor couple of Galilee International Ministries in January 2009 and has served as President since then. With them, Dr Frank Kotze and Pastor Lorraine Kotze played a pivotal role in the establishment and growth of this ministry.  Recently they registered Galilee Word Ministries (NPC) of which Binah Advanced Bible College is the training division.

Trained as an Organizational Development Consultant, he previously worked in the Department of Post and Telecommunications, Santam Bank, and Telkom SA (Ltd).  Through the years he studied and completed various Leadership and Management courses, as well as a 3-year Bible College Degree. This background in facilitation and management processes supports him well in his endeavour to bring the message of hope in a new and unconventional manner to a variety of audiences. He also specializes in leadership training and the development of new pastors.

They established a small congregation (End Time Pentecostal Ministries) in Danville (Pretoria) in October 1997 and served there for 14 years. This area is well-known for its poor community and being their first congregation, it posed a lot of challenges and learning lessons. However, through faith, they ministered to this congregation and the Lord Jesus supported them each step of the way with miracle upon miracle.

During their praise and worship services, the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit was ushered in many times.  But one night in 1999, they experienced such a powerful move and presence of the Holy Spirit during the praise and worship, that it left them all on the ground for at least 45 minutes of repenting and praising God. Mostly repenting due to the utmost holy presence of God which changed many lives.

Past Eric continued his studies and completed his Doctorate in Theology (D.Th – 2012) through Therapon University with a dissertation on:   

  • “A Leadership model for the establishment of a Business Case Framework for funding purposes of sustainable Humanitarian and Spiritual Development Projects in the rural areas of South Africa”. 
  • During his research, he has spent more than 18 months in research work across most of the South African provinces to identify, analyse, and compile suitable Business Cases (humanitarian projects) for a USA Foundation.
  • The main vision and strategy of the Business Cases was to establish a process that would propel the Non-profit environment to become self-sustainable after 3 years and to be able to continue exponentially with Humanitarian projects without the need for external funding.
  • He also completed his PhD in 2014 with a dissertation on “The Trojan horse is IN the Church” – defining the current false prophecies operating in major churches and social media. Past Eric serves as a Professor at Therapon University in South Africa since 2014.
  • He authored other books such as:  
    • “Conquering Disappointment” 
    • A Case -4-Grace VS the Law
    • Godly Character & Ethics
    • And still busy completing a few others.

During 2007 – 2014, Pastor Eric and Venetia experienced extreme financial difficulties, but their faith in God prevailed and today they have a testimony of God who is faithful, and that nothing is impossible for Him.  The scripture in Jer 17:7 kept their faith and trust focused on the Lord Jesus Christ until He provided in all their needs.

Pastor Eric and his wife usually minister as a team when they pray for people and the Lord supports their anointed ministry with a prophetic word, healing and/or deliverance.  They are available to minister wherever the Lord needs them.

Pastor Eric truly believes in the message from the apostle Paul who declared:

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek. Rom 1:16 (KJV)



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Val Riley · February 2, 2009 at 1:02 pm

I pray that one day all the members of our congregation will in some way be able to see this website. In the beginning stages it is already awZome. I will need to make time to absorb all the soul food!!

Seth Ogwel Agunga · October 29, 2010 at 10:13 am

Dear brother
You may wonder who is mailing you at this particular time. this is
Seth Ogwel Agunga from Kenya. I hope this mail will find you protected
by the blood of Jesus Christ.

I got your e-mail address on the internet when i was looking at some
of your literature and felt that it was good to contact you so that we
can relate and work together to help the brethren to know more about
the kingdom of God,

If i may tell you my short story in the church of God, i was born and
brought up in a christian. i have been in the church of God united
from my childhood but recently i moved out of the church after
realizing that there teachings are contradicting the teachings that
was given unto us by our Lord Jesus Christ. this has led to fall out
in the church and the brethren have been suffering spiritually, since
these brethren have been suffering too much i have started a new
ministry that can give these brethren and the world at large a
spiritual food.

Sincerely speaking most of people start this ministries for there
own interest e.g financial and political. and what has led to many
brethren falling out of the church because they fell that many
churches are no longer teaching the truth. This new ministry is five
months old and the ministry is Plain Church of God Kenya.

Brother our ministry aim is to restore the truth that has lost after
many have churches and ministers went against teaching of God and
started to look after their own selfish desires.

Lastly we would like to forward a request to you if it can be within
the reach of your ministry. we are kindly asking for bible books
written in English and our mother language for those who can’t
understand English and some funds to complete build church and help
orphans to complete . we hope and trust that God will open up your way
of finance to help the brethren here in Kenya.

once again thank you for excepting the call of God and working for
him may he reward you in much great. Hope to hear from you pass our
greetings to all brethren there.

In brotherly love.

Pastor Seth.

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