Galilee International Ministries (SA) is a fully registered and comprehensive church organization with marital rights at the Department of Home Affairs and registered as a NPO with the Department of Social Services in South Africa.

The Executive Board has approved the following membership status for prospective members with the subsequent benefits and responsibilities per category:

  1. Full membership
  2. GAMP Partnership
  3. Project Associate 
  4. Project Benefactor
  5. Missions Sponsor            
  6. Volunteer (SOS-crew)

This invitation for membership is intended for people who feel they would like to make a difference in other people’s lives (especially children)  – even if it is only for one year – and you can do that by becoming part of Galilee’s support team.

DSC_0041I would therefore like to invite you to become part of the support structure with Galilee International Ministries (SA) by accepting one of the applicable membership levels and/or donating funds into our account on a debit order system, or you can decide to donate/sponsor one specific amount or one item that is required per project. The full details of the categories of partnership/ sponsorship/volunteer that you might be interested in, are available below.

  1.      Full membership:

1.1.   This membership will be available for any pastor (ordained or in training) or independent ministry or church organization that wants to apply for full membership with Galilee according to certain guidelines and criteria.

1.2.   Benefits:

All benefits associated with an organization will be available in terms of the following aspects and according to applicable criteria:

  • The opportunity to be developed for the ministry through an approved Bible College and personal mentorship;
  • The opportunity to develop your own ministry (5-fold) from a vast resource and put it to practice for the glory of the Lord;
  • Receive Probation and/or Ordination status when all requirements of the Executive Board have been met.
  • Receive teaching in various support ministries and gifts such as counseling, deliverance courses and spiritual dance techniques, etc.
  • International registration and recognition. Galilee is registered with Apostolic World Christian Fellowship (AWCF). Presently, nearly 190 Apostolic organizations are working together for the common cause of the Gospel of Jesus Christ;
  • Opportunity to attend local conferences and leadership seminars (with international speakers on an annual basis);
  • A network of pastors will be available to provide in depth teaching and Word ministry on a variety of subjects.
  • Various resources are available such as Website communication; Tent Ministry; etc.
  • Spiritual guidance and support in your ministry.
  • Application for Marital rights upon specific criteria.
  • Election & appointment in applicable positions in the organization where you can apply your relevant ministry and gifts.

1.3   Responsibilities:

  • Every member congregation is regarded to be autonomous and is led and managed by a suitable shepherd (pastor) within certain guidelines and measures as approved by the Executive Board.
  • Commitment to the organizational vision and mission statement and dedication to attend most of the activities and projects.
  • Adherence to the Code of Conduct and Constitution.
  • To attend organizational leadership meetings as required and provide a positive input in the leadership of the organization.
  • Monthly feedback reports to be submitted to the Executive Board.
  • Payment of the annual membership fees.

1.4   Restrictions:

  • Strict selection criteria for membership approval will apply.
  • The Organization will be guided by the Holy Spirit first and foremost and the relevant Constitution as amended from time to time.
  • This membership will not be regarded or utilized as a “bless-me-club”, where a member wants to utilize the Organization or its members for its own purpose and benefits.   

If you are interested in a particular membership, Please complete the box below or you can download the Application form provided on the “Connect Page”.


With thanks,

Prof. Eric J. Heath


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