History shows that more than fifty percent of all the people who ever came to faith in Jesus Christ, has come since the 1950’s.

This growth is unparalleled in the history of the Church and various unreached nations and tribes (such as the Venda tribe in South Africa) are being led to faith in Jesus Christ through the united efforts of various Christian groups and individual ministries. The phenomenon in the past 20 years of Cell groups and house churches as well as the availability of the Bible in most of the languages of the world has helped tremendously to activate the children of God in evangelism and missionary campaigns across the world. As the end times are drawing near, the reconciliation of church leaders and faith in action also contributes to the rapid proclamation of the Gospel to the ends of the world.

The main purpose of this Organization is to build the Kingdom of God by reaching, teaching and uplifting members of all communities in urban and rural areas in all parts of Southern Africa and to the rest of Africa by an evangelical process and through the implementation of collective resources and volunteers.

Although the Organization is independent from any mainstream church group, it is totally dependent on the guidance of the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Author and Finisher of our faith (Hebr. 12:2). Our focus will be on the whole person (body, mind and spirit) and therefore the following aspects will be our focal points:

  1. Spiritual Development:

To utilize the knowledge, gifts and experience of our SOS-ministry team to:

    1. Support local pastors with specific in-depth teachings and doctrines from the Word of God in Spirit and in Truth;
    2. Discern the specific blockages and bondages in a congregation in conjunction with the local pastor and to introduce new strategies for church growth;
    3. Establish a support network for local churches, workers, specialists and missionaries to accelerate their desired outcome;
    4. Establish a safe haven for burned out pastors and leaders by ministering and re-building their faith again;

To identify and conduct evangelical outreaches through joint ventures with local pastors in a specific area and to bring the lost into the Kingdom of God. This process includes the:

To provide training material/courses for leaders through our BINAH Advanced Bible College.

Hope Training May 2014 366To provide annual International Leadership training seminars and leadership workshops on request and on site of participating pastors and congregations, including:

    1. Inner healing courses and camps;
    2. Marriage seminars and camps

Performing marriage ceremonies according to the current marital laws of South Africa and based upon the Word of God.

2.     Community Development (Humanitarian Projects):

Our Philosophy is to become the preferred vehicle through which Foundations, Trusts, business people and individuals will provide funds for the development and implementation of sustainable humanitarian projects in rural areas, such as:

  • Development of Business Cases/Proposals for sustainable humanitarian projects;
  • Picture5
  • Building and management of multi-purpose community centers which includes
    • Orphanage (based on the home concept)
    • Old age home with frail care and hospice;
    • Pastoral care and wellness center (to address various issues in societies of today;
  • Upgrading of education facilities (classrooms, sport facilities, etc.
    • There is a complete new plan underway where volunteers/groups could “adopt” a specific classroom or sport facility in a school and to upgrade/renovate the facilities;

Picture2 (493x382)

  • To mentor and track the progress of the students for the next year or three to measure the increase in exam results, etc.
  • Social upliftment of communities through awareness campaigns and the teaching of basic life skills and personal development;
  • Providing the resources and skills to teach communities to be self-sustaining by growing vegetables and fruit for their own use and for the market;
  • Assist in the process of sinking boreholes, the installation of pumps, pipes and water tanks to provide fresh water to the community and for the food projects;
  • Project management and to oversee the implementation of all identified projects with the available funds on ground level across Africa.

The strategy is not just to provide the facilities, but to get the community and school children completely involved in the projects and to cultivate a culture of responsibility for what they receive, while we will manage, mentor and monitor the utilization of all sponsored items per project.




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DICKENS OLUMBE AHAHGO · February 8, 2011 at 9:40 am

Hello Galmim am very impressed and moved by your sermons and the prophecies that were given to the body of Christ.
Am a Kenyan citizen and when I was honored by God to have an Interactive and close chat with the top leadership of Gal-min it really changed allot of aspects in my life thats when I hosted Pst Frank & Lorraine Kotze and Pst Dave & Tracey Miles in our beloved country. I thank God for bringing me along your way and NOW being PART of you the GAL-MIN.
Thank you and stay blessed Pst Erick and the entire team.

Dickens Ahago

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