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Interim program for 2014: Update

The year 2014 has started off so fast and we are already in the beginning of February.  Our latest Newsletter is available and if you are interested in receiving one via our mailing list, please complete the box below with your email address.

Last weekend we have concluded a successful training mission of the leaders from the new church, which we have planted last year on the Hope Farm in the Tshipise Valley of Limpopo. Praise the Lord that He protected us and provided in all our needs and that the church is still going strong despite all the circumstances.

We have also launched our Pretoria Bible College Campus on Wednesday evening (5 February) and this year it will run in conjunction with the local congregation of Pastor Gert Steenkamp at the Hercules High School (Gateway Youth Centre).  Formal classes will be conducted for 1st year and 2nd year students and anybody who is still interested can attend classes on Wednesday evenings from 19:00. 

The new Middelburg Campus will be launched this coming Saturday (8 February) with an open day from 10:00 to 12:00 for potential students to come and register.  We already have 21 registered students for this campus and we are so excited to start the classes every second Saturday of each month.

A word of encouragement: Stay at the feet of the Lord Jesus, as He is faithful and true.  Do not be deceived with all the “new” revelations of doctrine, but test everything against the Word of God.  Praise Him and worship Him with all of your heart, mind and soul. Jesus Christ is worth it.


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Binah Advanced Bible College

Binah – To teach with insight and understanding. 

We are so excited and pleased to announce that our Bible College will officially start tonight (28 February 2013) at 19:00 at our Pretoria North campus.  Tonight will mainly involve the registration of potential students (at this moment in time at least 8 people has indicated that they are interested to start) and the introduction of the Bible College to the students.

Everyone is welcome to attend the classroom teachings and more detail of our curriculum and course fees can be found on this website under the “Binah Bible College” page.  If you are perhaps also interested to start/continue with your Biblical studies, feel free to contact me via this website by registering and leaving me a note to contact you in this regard.

Potential students who live far away, also have the opportunity to study online as we will forward you the necessary material.  In this regard you will need to have access to a computer and internet facilities.  Within two months we will also be ready to start with postal delivery of training material, if so required.  Our dedicated team of lecturers are also committed to travel to nearby towns on a Saturday/weekend per month to conduct the teachings per curriculum if 5 or more students are available per site.

I just want to conclude with this message with a word of encouragement:

The Word of God is powerful enough to save you, to heal and restore you, but also to re-create your life and situations as never before according to your faith and according to the level of acceptance of the Word of God in your life.  Do you lack in faith and motivation? Read the Word – study it – wait upon the Lord for answers and apply the Word of God as it is worth it.

Trust in the Lord always; and always trust the Lord!






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BinaH Bible College: Part 4

The Format:

Our programs are mostly ONLINE and formal classroom settings are available depending on the need per group.  The programs are practical, of high quality and will equip and empower the future leaders of  Christian communities.  The course material is updated regularly in order to stay ahead of the changing Christian environment and to remain relevant in the 21st Century world. 

Short Courses:

  • Short courses with a practical content can be conducted on site for a specific church group or leadership of Organisations. 
  • The following short courses are available and will be conducted in a workshop style with full participation of all delegates in a practical and fun way, while learning is facilitated through various methods and tools;
    • Courses available as from August 2012 and to be updated on a regular basis:
Short Courses conducted in a practical workshop type of setting

Unity in Leadership

Baptism with the Holy Spirit

Church Administration

7 Attributes of success

Dealing with disappointment

Discover your ministry and gifts

Altar Workers

Tabernacle of Moses

Oneness of God

(Wheel of Prophecy; Attributes; Names) 

Old Testament Typology

(Instruments and Practices)

Setting Ministry Objectives

(Management by Objectives)

Relationships: Growth to Maturity

The New Birth

(Foundational series)

Masks and deliverance

Faith that is real

(Faith in Action)

50-days of Breakthrough

Grace of God VS Law

Character of the Pastor /Leader

Authority in Prayer

Develop Self Confidence

Righteousness of Christ

The Feast of Tabernacles

Father heart of God

Effective Communication

    • These courses (and others) can be conducted on site of a local pastor and will entail the required theory content but most of all practical exercises implemented in a workshop type of setting for a maximum learning experience.

Formal Curriculum:

  • Another feature identified with the property of the Hebrew word “binah”,  is the ability to explain and expound concepts both to oneself and others.  With this in mind, Binah Bible College will seek to teach, provide insight and understanding and also to equip the students to be able to convey, to interpret and to teach others on the real meaning of the Word. 
  • Students who apply for the different study curriculums will find they will have to study the Word of God as this course is NOT a mere accumulation of worthless data – it will be a practical course for selecting and equipping people for the ministry work in the field . 

The Curriculum Overview & Minimum qualifications required

The entry qualification for the Associate Programs of the Bible College is:

  • At least grade 10
  • Not younger than 16 years of age.  

Binah Advanced Bible College offers through Therapon University the following non-liberal arts degrees in:

  • Associate Programs (Certificate and Diploma Level: 1st and 2nd year)
    • Biblical Ministry;  Systematic Theology or Practical Theology
    • Completing  the Associate’s program qualifies the graduate to enter the Bachelor’s program.
      30 credit hours in coursework per year
  • Bachelor Programs
    • Biblical Ministry; Systematic Theology or Practical Theology
    • Each student must have an Associate’s Certificate or Diploma from any acceptable institution of higher learning, or complete the Associate’s program from this College to be eligible to enter this program.
    • For a Bachelor’s Degree, one must complete this applicable study curriculum.
    • 32 credit hours in coursework plus 10 credit hours in project work
  • Binah Advanced Bible College also provides a 4th year study program with an ordination program for students who want to enter into the ministry field. Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Master Programs:
    • Masters degree in Biblical Theology
    • Each student must have a Bachelor’s Degree from any acceptable institution of higher learning, or complete the Bachelor’s Degree program to be eligible to enter this program.
    • The student must complete the applicable Master Degree program or have completed the equivalent. A 60-75 page thesis is always required.
      18 credit hours in coursework beyond the Bachelor’s Degree
      20 credit hours for thesis
  • Doctor of Theology or Ministry  (D.Th or D.Min)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
    • Each student must have a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree from any acceptable institution of higher learning, or complete Binah Advanced Bible College’s Master’s Degree program through Therapon University or the equivalent to be eligible to enter this program.
    • The student must complete Binah Advanced Bible College’s Doctoral Degree curriculum. A 100-120 page dissertation is always required. 
      20 credit hours in coursework beyond the Master’s Degree
      25 credit hours for dissertation

The College will accept prior completed studies from other schools, seminars, workshops, conferences, ministry experience and leadership training for applied credits. The prospective student should submit a complete CV with certified copies of all certificates and degrees with his/her application form and registration fee.  Upon final analysis, a complete educational program towards a further degree will be provided to each student in due course.  

The Curriculum detail :


First year (Certificate in Biblical Studies or Biblical Ministry; etc. ).

A: Compulsory Subjects:

B: Optional Courses:

(Select at least 2 new courses from the list of optional courses)

Biblical Foundations 1 (Theology) Study of the II Testaments (Bible Introduction)
Study of the Holy Spirit 1 (Pneumatology) Life of Christ   
Radical Discipleship / Evangelism 1 Supportive Ministry (Ministry of Helps)
Doctrine of Salvation (Soteriology) Personal Discipline
Prayer Ministry Kingdom Living & Principles 
  Strategies for Harvest
Second year (Diploma in Biblical Studies or Biblical Ministry; etc.)

A: Compulsory Subjects:

B: Optional Courses:

(Select at least 2 new courses from the list of optional courses)

Biblical Foundations 2 Youth and Children’s Ministry
Study of the Holy Spirit 2  Cell/House Church Concept
Radical Discipleship/Evangelism 2 Biblical World View
Christian Leadership 1 The Divine Covenants
Christian Teaching Principles & Tactics (Homiletics) Mobilisation


Knowing God’s Voice
Third year (Bachelor Degree in Biblical Studies or Biblical Ministry; etc. )

A: Compulsory Subjects:

B: Optional Courses:

(Select at least 2 new courses from the list below)

Biblical Foundations 3 (Theology)    Leaven like Evangelism
Christian Leadership 2 Angelology and demonology

(Tabernacle of Moses & David & Solomon)

Environmental Analysis
Biblical Life Coaching (Counselling) Power Principles
Spiritual Strategies & Warfare School of Prophecy
End Time Prophetic Message (Eschatology) 


Fourth year: Ordination Program & Honours Degree (Hon. Min)

All Compulsory Subjects:

B: Optional Courses:

(Select at least one new course from the list below)

 Leadership 3 Methodology of Multiplication
Practical Ministry Program Practical Bible Study Methods
Praise & Worship Principles Apologetics
New Creation Realities (Entrepreneurship)  
World & African Cultures
Ancestral & Idol Worshipping
 Further studies: Masters (M.Th.) and Doctoral Thesis (D.Th. / Ph.D.; etc.):
Full detail of these curriculums will be provided per application.

The Registration and Course fees will follow. 




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Prospectus: BinaH Advanced Bible College (Part 3)

Coursework Evaluation:

An objective of the College is that a student learns, not about the Bible, but learns the Bible as the Word of God and its relevant imbedded Biblical truths.

All Certificates and Degrees received from the College via the University, will be based upon applicable mandatory coursework and proficiency.  It is expected from all  students to apply self-discipline, comprehensive study and own insight throughout their entire course.   As a student completes each course, it should be e-mailed to the College for grading.  The specific criteria for marking of all assignments as well as a minimum percentage criterion will apply and will be forwarded to each student upon application. 

Some of our courses will require formal training sessions for practical studies and to monitor the progress of the students throughout the year.  At least 2 of the three scheduled training sessions should be attended at the students own cost for travelling and accommodation.  These training sessions will be scheduled across South Africa in order to provide  the training sessions closer to the students as far as possible.

All students will be required to complete at least 3 Thesis per subject, which could involve the answering of a set of questions or to write an overview of a lesson or even to do research and compile a new explication in regard to a specific topic.  Senior students will also be required to plan and implement a specific project as part of their leadership curriculum. The final document submitted for approval would then be a demonstration of practice. The structure, focus and content of the students projects will take on a wide range of differing forms, appropriate to the actual area of ministry in which each is involved. The project will become a demonstration of practice or creative work, including a commentary on applied reflections. The completed report should be in 12 pitch font, double spaced and with a minimum of 25 pages and up to a maximum of 50 pages, including references within the body of the work, attachments wherever appropriate, and with relevant bibliographical references at the end.

Other information:

The academic year starts in February of each year and ends in the second week of November with a final graduation ceremony in the last weekend of November.   However, students may apply and start with their courses any time of the year. 

No certificates will be issued unless all required subjects (courses) have been completed in full.  Only reports will be issued of all courses passed until all requirements have been met and all fees paid before any certificate, diploma or degree will be issued to any student. 

Statement of Faith:

The statement of Faith of this Bible College and Galilee International Ministries (SA) will be soon available on the relevant website (www.galmin.co.za) or can be requested by email. 

Terms and Conditions:

The Terms and Conditions of the Bible College are as follows:

  • BinaH Advanced Bible College  is the official training centre of Galilee International Ministries (SA) and registered  with Therapon University (USA) for theological studies.
  • Each student should acquaint him/herself with the Terms and Conditions and will be expected to sign a declaration form with the application that he/she will abide by the relevant terms as set out; 
  • Once the agreement has been signed by both parties, it will then be accepted that the applicant is completely conversant with the detail of the said Terms and Conditions. 
  • Each student should acquaint themselves on the following matters as set out in the prospectus of the Bible College, before applying for any course curriculum:
    • The Format of the Bible College being an on line system and that each student should have access to computer equipment and relevant programs such as Word, Adobe and email;
    • The requirement to attend at least two formal training sessions per year at own cost;
    • The accreditation of the course curriculum takes place through Therapon University and  the A.A.A.T.I.
    • That success will only be achieved once all quality and quantity requirements per course module has been reached. 
  • The contents of the application form is intended to apply for enrolment to the BinaH Advanced Bible College and related theological studies. 
  • Each student accepts the statement of faith (doctrine) as set out on the website of Galilee International Ministries (SA) as being the doctrinal basis for the tuition given.
  • With the aforementioned stipulation in mind, each student commits to submit him/herself to the teachings of the lecturers even if he/she would not agree in principle with specific teaching material.  However, each student will have the option to bring any discrepancies/false teachings according to their knowledge and understanding under the attention of the specific lecturer and the Registrar of the Bible College per written letter, explaining the specific teaching and the full reasoning behind it.  However, even if the student remains in disagreement of the specific teaching after a mediation process and wish to withdraw from the Bible College, it will be accepted on the basis that no course fees will be refunded for subjects paid for and delivered via an electronic facility according to the relevant agreement. 
  • Each student promises to diligently study the applicable material, complete all compulsory thesis, exams and other practical exercises as required per course module to the best of their abilities.
  • Each student is bound to pay the required tuition fees on time in order to progress. No teaching material will be provided except when payment in full has been received in the banking account.  The College commits to forward the relevant training material within 7 days from the time the deposit has been received, or as per specific agreement between Faculty and student;
  • The formal written agreement between the applicant and BinaH Bible College (on behalf of Galilee International Ministries (SA), will constitute a legal agreement between the parties only when signed by the applicant and approved by duly appointed representatives and relevant fees received in the specified banking account of the College. The agreement will only be applicable to the course curriculum as selected and described in the relevant application document.
  • Each student should recognize that, even after they have completed the training curriculum, neither the College nor Galilee International Ministries (SA) can guarantee that there will be an opening for them in any church or ministry.
  • BINAH Advanced Bible College of Galilee International Ministries (SA) and Therapon University or any of their officials, employees or representatives are indemnified against any loss, damage or injury caused to any person or property for whatever reason or cause, either directly or indirectly.
  • Each student on site for training purposes (wherever it may take place), will take normal precautions, especially in regard to extramural and recreational activities, for the protection of both person and property.
  • The course fees includes the cost of rapports and Certificates being issued by Galilee International Ministries (SA) and includes the cost of Certificates and Degrees being issued by Therapon University from USA.  Rapports for all attendees passing the minimum criteria will be issued by Galilee International Ministries (SA) where necessary. 
  • It is expected of all course students to be people of integrity and that no illegal copies of our lectures will be allowed or distributed. Each file distributed to a course applicant will have a secret code identifying the student and any illegal copies will be traced back to the original student; 
  • BinaH Advanced Bible College and Therapon University prohibits discrimination against current or prospective students on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age or disability.   Therefore, academic credit will be given not only for understanding the criteria of competency, but also for demonstrating actual competence itself.  Each individual is entitled to equal opportunity for recognition of equal accomplishment and ability.
  • By this non-discrimination statement, the College and University does not disclaim any right it might otherwise have to maintain its commitment to its Christian identity or the doctrines inherent in the Bible and therefore retain the right NOT to ordain any student as a pastor if enough evidence exists that the said student is willfully proclaiming another gospel or not living according to biblical standards.  
  • Group rates & discounts:
    • The provision of the relevant training material is provided at a discounted rate;
    • Most of the relevant fees will be utilized for purposes of obtaining the relevant Certificates and Degrees from Therapon University, which is normally paid in US Dollars;
    • However, if more than 5 students apply from one venue, we will apply a 10% discount on the Registration and/or  Course fees. 
    • Students  registered with Galilee International Ministries (SA) either as a Full member or a Missions Partner (GAMP) and their membership fees are paid up to date, will be exempted from the applicable registration fees.
 Follow the next posting of the Prospectus next week as we unfold the Format and Curriculum of the College.

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Prospectus: BinaH Advanced Bible College


The Executive Board of Galilee International Ministries (SA), is pleased to introduce the revamped Bible College to all current and future visitors to our website and potential students.

First of all, the name of our Bible College is:

  • The BinaH Avanced Bible College  (B -ABC)
  • The word is pronounced as in “been-ah” (some resources describe it as “bee-naw”)
  • The overall focus will be on the “advanced/higher” level of learning and insight into the Word of  God;

BinaH  – is a Hebrew word which basically means “understanding”.  But this Hebrew word is far more complex than just one single meaning and according to various Hebrew scholars, the Strong’s Concordance, Hebrew-Greek  Key Word Study Bible and other biblical resources, the root of this word is also from another Hebrew word “beyn”; “bin”; “biyn” – different spelling according to different sources – which means the following: 

  • To discern between, perceive, observe, pay attention to, to be intelligent, to comprehend, knowing, to heed to, make intelligent, to instruct, to teach and to be prudent. 
  • The primary meaning is insight and understanding and discernment is a closely-related idea as the word inculcates the concept of distinguishing between right and wrong.  It is specifically noted from the meaning of this word, that it does not refer to the mere accumulation of data, but more to the acquisition of superior knowledge.
  • The word implies the ability to distinguish between the true and the false, the right from the wrong and proper understanding comes from rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Tim 2:15) since we are given knowledge and insight of the One God through His Word (2 Tim 3:16); 
  • Other scholars also refers this word Binah to the analytic and distinguishing aspects of God’s thought and it is symbolized as part of the Shekinah.

Seeing that this word Binah has such a powerful meaning and also refers to the ability to “discern’ and “to have insight”,  other mysticism groups such as the Jewish Kabbalah and even New Age groups have also applied the word in their specific theories and practices.  However, Galilee Ministries and our BinaH Bible College does not have any relationship or connection to their teachings. 


About BinaH Advanced Bible College:


The Philosophy:

The very foundation of this Bible College is based on the true meaning of the Hebrew word, that we will teach and instruct all students to hear the Word of God in Spirit and in truth, allow them  to discern between right and wrong, truth and false teachings and finally lead them to receive insight and understanding about the God we serve and His awesome Word.  Our slogan is therefore derived from this word:  “to teach with insight and understanding”.

The Word Binah is associated with the power of conceptual analysis and reasoning, both inductive and deductive and in particular with the power to grasp and comprehend the insights of “chochma”  (wisdom)The “understanding” of binah also implies the ability to examine the degree of truth or falsehood inherent in a particular idea. This is expressed in Job 34:3: “the ear examines words.” The ear represents the sense of hearing and is therefore associated with binah in the following manner:

  • “Hear, O Israel…” (Deuteronomy 6:4) means “listen attentively, discern, to understand….”

The Word says: So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (Rom 10:17 KJV).  In order to receive the deeper insight and understanding of the Word of God, we need to receive faith through the hearing (continually) of the Word of God.  To reach the deeper meanings and lessons from the Word of God, the desirable quality to be awakened in our spirit  – is that of silence.  This is appropriate since it is necessary to keep quiet in order to hear,  but particularly to listen attentively.  It is right at this point in “Binah”  where each lesson becomes established and where you learn that silence (meditation of the Word) is often a powerful weapon.  You come to realize that true understanding stems from knowing what you must struggle through and what you must let go of in order to grow.

Next week we will continue with the Vision of the Bible College as we present the complete Prospectus.

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