“Your back is broken” – a personal testimony.

“Mr Heath, we see from the CT-scan that you did receive some damage to your back.” The young doctor then said: “Basically your back is broken.” The other doctor continued and explained that the first lower vertebra (L1) was cracked and it also compressed somewhat into the second (L2) vertebra.

The doctor’s words stuck in my mind for a while and the very first thought was: Ok, so that would explain the extreme pain that I am experiencing right now. I could sense the panic and fear going through my wife’s mind of “what now?” I was somewhat apprehensive of going for such an important operation in a State hospital, especially with the poor aftercare service they provide.

This ordeal started late afternoon of Friday 23 September when I saw my grandsons jumping on the trampoline – one of those portable ones – and then decided to join them. I jumped a couple of times – not very high – still landing on my feet. But then I made a crucial mistake to pull my feet up in front of me to land on my buttocks. The trampoline was set at its lowest setting for the (more…)

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